Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arrested For Feeding The Homeless?

Orlando police arrested five more activists from behind a makeshift buffet table at Lake Eola Park on Wednesday evening, bringing to a dozen the number charged in the past week with violating city restrictions on feeding the homeless.

The members of the group Food Not Bombs were ladling out corn on the cob, rice, beans and watermelon to about 35 people when they were handcuffed. About two dozen activists and homeless people booed and chanted "Food is a right, not a privilege" as they were loaded into a waiting police van.

They were violating a controversial city ordinance that prohibits sharing food with large groups in a downtown city park more than twice a year. Food Not Bombs has been fighting the ordinance but lost a legal appeal in April, clearing the way for the city to begin enforcement.
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  1. gestapo arrests good people
    for being human
    how do these cops live with themselves?

  2. Mission Statement

    Keep Orlando a safe city by reducing crime and maintaining livable neighborhoods.

    The 1001 sworn and civilian employees of the Police Department serve the citizens of Orlando through crime prevention, criminal investigations and apprehension, neighborhood policing, involvement through the schools with young people and overall delivery of police services.

  3. the orlando cops are nazis plain and simple, protect no one but the rich corps and keep the poor down, Period. The usa trained and uses the brotherhood of all muslims to scare the usa citizens into submission and take away all rights.

  4. Obviously few of you couch warriors have ever delt with homeless in big cities especially black and minority homeless.

    They're dirty, angry and demanding...They invade areas where people are kind and quickly turn a good area to garbage...They have a habit of once they find food of staying and NOT trying to help themselves.

    The problem with these people is they could feed 20 which is managable but instead ended up bringing in more than the cops, neighbors and businesses around wanted or could handle.

    There homeless that are stuck due to work loss or health issues and there's homeless due to criminal behavior, drugs and just stupidness.

    I've helped in L.A. and San Diego and you start helping families but at the end all you're feeding are drug addicts, con artists, criminals, the lazy and the violently crazy.

    Jesus said to help the poor not support the poor to use their Food Stamps, hotel vouchers and beggings for drugs, alcohol and cigs.

    Of course not all homeless are like that but ask anyone who works for a community center who ends up abusing the system and draing the resources that should go to families and the elderly poor.

    These people mean well but they should ask those who eat to pick up trash for an hour, change garbage bags, sweep, help with the park.

    Anything given for free isn't appreciated.

  5. yes ,Noodles the US is a failed capitalism that has exported much of its productive industry and high waged jobs. So,the number of useless people in poverty now overpopulating "the richest country in the world" is growing fast.
    Why ,officialy the unemployed that "cannot find work" ,but as we know are really unwilling to work bums, are already at 10% while unofficially really probably 20% of the population .

    This is clearly not the end result of the best economic system of the world.
    There must be something wrong with these failed people .
    Some are iresponsibly now in debt through their own stupidity in thinking they had a job in their future to pay for their american dream and even allow their houses to be foreclosed on .Because their only desire is to be filthy street people.

    But as you say these social rejects and the purely lazy develop bad habits when they get charitable handouts from decent people
    but local businessmen and their police protectors and hardworking folks that still have a job feel threatened.

    And some do not even appreciate charity that is not given in a proper Christian/ jesus way according to the bible interpretations as you advise.
    Everybody knows that jesus said your truth ,that you should not cast pearls to dirty human swine. Especially if they are of a different tribe Samaritans ,or whatever the other neighbor is.
    jesus was no bleeding heart liberal handing out loaves and fishes to the hungry .
    Did he not say say “Anything given for free isn't appreciated”when he was handing out loaves and fishes to the hungry .
    But only jesus knew how to do the multiplication of food trick
    for the rest of us G-d forbid giving anything for free or as gift that does get a just return in the multiplication trick of capital.

    The quicker they open the FEMA camps and use them as traditional workhouses of capitalism with shovel ready jobs ,the better your world will be for the still respectably lucky or successful
    The police should be putting these lazy bums to work cleaning trash if there are not so many real jobs available in America today.

    Out of sight out of mind and kicking people when they are down and out is my MIDDLE CLASS values motto too!

    Especially when you have no human social values only the old disneyland American cultural values in your mind.

  6. Soros, Barry the puppet and their like minded ilk are laughing at the growing lazy feeder class. The day of slaughter is drawing near.

  7. God is very clear on helping our brothers and sisters. I know many of us have been overburdened by government and have limited ability to give to those in need. I know I give, but not enough. There are many more useless things I can do without. It is our duty, not government's. Government's enslave and destroy. Orlando Police are simply doing the devils job.

    Deut. 15:7. If there is a poor man among you, one of your brothers, in any of the towns of the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand to your poor brother; but you shall freely open your hand to him, and generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks.

    Jer. 22:3. Do justice and righteousness, and deliver the one who has been robbed from the power of his oppressor. Also do not mistreat or do violence to the stranger, the orphan, or the widow; and do not shed innocent blood in this place.

  8. I live near Orlando,, and Noodles is right. After they get thier free food, they spend thier nights harrassing you as you come out if the bars. And they are aggressive. They piss in every corner they can find. I have personally had to almost kick some of thier asses to get away from me at night. Feed the homeless... NOT... more like feed the crack heads.


  9. LOL...As usual people bring religion into the fray without looking at the reality of the situation.

    If you have NOT lived in a large American city, nor helped feed the homeless in said city then your opinion means very litle to nothing.

    If you have NOT had to walk through alleys that smell like piss, garbage and had to skip over human waste left on the ground...Had to kick out large bullying blacks from trying to take 2-3 times the food that was brought for others...Pick up needles and trash in the park then your opinion means ZERO.

    Remember this isn't a "Made for TV Movie" this is real life...The Orlando police had no problem with keeping it within a small group (20-25) but they kept making it bigger and bigger...They were warned several times but they used humanitarian excuse to not follow it.

    You know what happens if you just let things like that go on?...You get another Santa Cruz...Beautiful small city with a huge homeless population where you literally cannot go 50 feet without being nicely asked or harrassed by some homeless guy smoking a cig smelling like alcohol.

    Their downtown area is dying because people have stopped shopping there and if you ever try to walk with your family next to large groups of homeless guys lets see how your Christian spirit feels...I'm a city boy and I have never taken my girl there because it would be just asking for a fight.

    Those quoting the bible or being sarcastic...Go feed in a large city with minorities then get back at me...Otherwise...YAWN.

    Or better yet...Lets ask any readers from that area what the reality is.

    Seriously check out the 2010 stats:

  10. I hate the smell of piss from them scum when I'm leaving the same mindset-enslavement-as the untouchable elite only with less money. the politicians and hollywood stars go to the ford clinic place, the poor and even middle class nobody ends up on the street, but we'll go and watch the stars movie, get their autograph and shake their hand. laugh at a coke addict and give them money to continue by buying tickets to the show. maybe we're alot like the hollywood stars, politicians and rich, functional users and drinkers or just plain pleasure lovers who keep our jobs therefore we enjoy them, one big party just don't lose your job huh. stay tuned to the stars news reports, buy our beer daily, smoke the bowl and get up for work, the funny thing there's no difference between the homeless and us, they simply went to far and are trapped, for a time, maybe til death, maybe not. but they don't put on a show so we'd rather not have to see them, won't reelect them continuously and forget their issues like with stars because stars, well they have income, lights, camera's and coverage and don't sleep on the street. alot of people are 1 dui or 1 job loss from needing some helps. we need laws to help business from homeless who're a problem sure enough, but they are somebody, and many will try and help, a good thing.

  11. American cities and the American youth, drug and gang slum cultures are the result of allowing the the CIA to control the international drug business in America and the world.

    This is American imperialism at work at home. The chickens have come home to roost.

    Imperialisms connection with the drug trade became an official business of war with the Opium Wars to control the Chinese market with “free trade” wars for opium .
    During WW2 the US became the power dominating the drug trade with the development of CIA/ mafia anti-communist connections in Cicely and the Italian campaigns.
    All very useful later for CIA secret funds money laundering.

    Was it an accident that CIA developed and tested LSD suddenly and with good timing
    popped up in the 60s and early seventies anti war movement together with “a turn on tune in drop out” individualist hippy LSD and marijuana and music drop out culture?

    That heroin became a big thing in the then rebellious Black minority nation population in the ghettoes?

    How was it possible that a demoralized US military suddenly developed a drug culture, and a supply, that kept them individualized and passive when they were not fragging their officers.
    Where did the heroin supply come from for the troops ?
    The Air America CIA gang?

    The “Vietcong” were rice growers and not known for poppy growing or being
    connected to the Mafia . Unlike the CIA as we see in the involvement of the organized crime mafias ,and not just Cuban mafias as we can see with the very un-Italian jack rubinstein and others involved in the Kennedy assassination and attempted assassination of Castro.

    After that 60s drug culture had become established , later when American industry and jobs were exported underemployment grew and the only “way out” of the ghettoes and the government hand out welfare system economy was to get involved with the drug business.

    Wherever the US Military goes the drug business and the war against drugs follows as we saw with Air America heroin in Vietnam ,Laos etc. and later with cocaine in Columbia. And see today in Afghanistan.
    The war against the Taliban is partially financed locally by the CIAs drug gang allies in the US installed “government”. This is because America finances its allied militias with a cut in the drug trade, like the Northern warlords or Karzai’s brother.
    Anybody who investigates the facts knows that the Taliban were suppressing heroin growing in Afghanistan.
    This was after all a business that was set up by Americas CIA allies in the war against the soviet imperialists .
    Other finances included Saudi and CIA funded support for anti-communist religious fundamentalist terrorists like Bin Laden.

    Countries like Russia and Pakistan are today not very happy with the US as the massive
    cheap drug supply corrupting their youth flows from US militarily dominated Afghanistan.
    The CIA and its drugs is not just an American problem but a world business.

    Sometimes, there are gang wars between the CIA and its puppets as we saw with Noriega and the invasion of Panama ,when US military trained puppets get to big for their boots and attempt to muscle in on the CIA gangs monopoly in supply and control of the American markets.
    Some Mexicans ,like Noriega once did
    appear to be fighting the CIA for control of supply in mexico and american markets today

  12. A cold hearted society in the hour of darkness as Fukushima burns and covers the USA with the great cleansing of the Hopi prophecies and the ill willed perceive not the wrath of God, some saying 'man does this with HAARP', so that the denial of God is complete in their lives that those that are perishing should not even realize they are perishing and repent.
    Will you die with a heart full of love?
    Will you be thankful before the Throne of the Almighty at Judgement day?
    Do you know where the tree of Life is?
    Did you even care?

  13. If there is a god he created fukushima, so complain to your cold hearted fake god, tree of life is weed no I dont care

  14. Focus people! The issue at hand is if he cops had the right to arrest those people for feeding more homeless than they had a permit to feed...Remember these type of events always bring lots of people and the organizers had been warned a few times before they finally were arrested.

    On one side you want to help others...On the other side you see so many people take advantage of others...On the one side you want to believe people are good...On the other side stats and crime rates jump in areas where the homeless congregate...That in turn causes businesses to leave which causes more poverty crime and unemployment.

    Not saying to not feed them but either do it at a neutral area say a police station AND make them work a little...I stand by my phrase "Things given for free are NOT appreciated."

    There is nothing wrong with trading work for food.

    I see a lot of God this and God that statements...Stay focus the argument is about ORLANDO...Keep your ideology and theology in your pocket...Is feeding large groups of homeless going to attract MORE homeless which will bring more crime and scare the tourists and buisnesses away?

    No Jesus talk answer the question.

    People think I'm cruel but I'm not just realistic...Again I say anyone in the Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Maiami area give your onsite opinion.

  15. This kind of thing mainly benefits men, who are forgotten in today's progressive society. Which is why it is illegal....

  16. Yes God created Fukushima to get rid of the evil children of Satan that cover the earth today. The earth they destroy and don't care, that they give no Glory to God and blaspheme themselves saying 'There is no Tree of Life within me' substituting some idiotic plant they worship for the Eternal Love of Themselves which is their Just Reward.
    But you who are of a good heart and are broken hearted who call on Jesus will be saved.
    The Love in my heart is eternal, the Holy Ghost, and testifies to God of the Saints, and intercedes on behalf of all who will be Loved, who do Love, for them , Eternal Life from Within.


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