Friday, June 3, 2011

Fake "War On Drugs": We Have Been Lied To Again..


There's no point in dignifying this butchery by calling it a "War on Drugs"?
That's nonsense. What we're seeing is a giant powergrab by big business, big finance and the US Intel services. Obama is merely doing their bidding, which is why--not surprisingly--things have gotten a lot worse under his administration.  Obama has not only stepped up the funding for Plan Mexico (aka--Merida) but also deployed more US agents to work undercover while US drones carry out surveillance duty. Get the picture? This isn't some little drug bust; it's another chapter in America's War on Civilization.
Here's an excerpt from an article in CounterPunch by Laura Carlsen that gives a little background:
"The drug war has become the major vehicle of militarization in Latin America. It's a vehicle funded and driven by the U.S. government and fueled by a combination of false morals, hypocrisy and a lot of cold, hard fear. The so called ‘war on drugs’ is really a war on people, especially youth, women, indigenous peoples and dissidents. The drug war has become the main way for the Pentagon to occupy and control countries at the expense of whole societies and many, many lives.
“Militarization in the name of the drug war is happening more quickly and more thoroughly than most of us probably anticipated under the Obama administration. The agreement to establish bases in Colombia, later suspended, sent out one of the first signals of the strategy. And we've seen the indefinite extension of the Merida Initiative in Mexico and Central America, and even, sadly, war boats sent to Costa Rica, a nation with a history of peace and no army...
“The Merida Initiative funds U.S. interests to train security forces, provide intelligence and war technology, give advice on reforming the justice and penal systems and promoting human rights–all in Mexico.” (The Drug War Can't Be Improved, It Can Only be Ended, Laura Carlsen, Counterpunch)
If it looks like Obama is doing his best to turn Mexico into a military dictatorship, it's because he is. Plan Mexico is a sham that conceals the administration's real motives, which is to make sure that the lavish profits from the drug trade end up in the right people's pockets. That's what this is all about, big money.  And that's why the death toll has soared while the Mexican government's credibility has hit its lowest ebb in decades. US policy has turned large swaths of the country into killing fields and it's only getting worse.
Check out this interview with Charles Bowden who describes what life is  like for the people who live at Ground Zero in the drug war; Juarez, Mexico:


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  2. You dumb ass; anybody that's stupid enough to use illegal drugs deserves what they get and we
    are very afraid of the brotherhood as they have
    vowed to wipe Israel off the map. That's right up there with all your stupid neighbors borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for shit
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  3. 4:32 needs to watch the video Reel Bad Arabs. Propaganda is a bitch.

  4. The West is failing and soon females will loose their unappreciated special rights. You don't know what you got, 'till it's gone....

  5. 7:03, you're a moron that you'd believe that propaganda.

    (Moving on)

    "The West is failing and soon females will loose their unappreciated special rights. You don't know what you got, 'till it's gone...."


    **... they recalled women's rights to put up a shisha harem...**

  6. Blame all the soccer moms. The white soccer moms (there really aren't any other actually). It was always an excuse to oppress minorities and the poor (most of whom are minorities).

    America is allegedly built on freedom, yet you can only use the drugs big business wants you to. It's not that drugs are illegal, it's that big business wants you to use their drugs. Either get drunk, smoke nicotine or take big pharma's drugs. You're not allowed safer alternatives or for someone else to profit.

    The sheeple took up the trumpets and this is what we get. the counties are broke so they're kicking their cops to the curb. The fear mongers claimed a recession would cause skyrocketing crime rates and cops would be more needed. Instead? We find the opposite. Without cops manufacturing crimes, turns out crime rates have plummeted to historical lows. Maybe we've reached peak efficiency now with what we have, which is unsurprising as that type of thing tends to happen when everyone is broke and is forced to become efficient.


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