Saturday, June 4, 2011

Japan May Be Uninhabitable Soon

[...] Some day we may not be able to live in Japan. There is the possibility that the power plant can reach the state of criticality again. If it explodes, it’s a huge matter. Radiation is being leaked in order to keep the reactors from exploding. So, in this sense, it’s even worse than letting the power plant explode. Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time. This is not a matter of money, but of life and death for the Japanese. If Japan cannot be saved, then the people of Japan are done for. We can always print money. Ultimately the people will have to bear the burden. Government must be determined to put a stop to radioactive pollution no matter what it takes, money or otherwise. The Japanese people must understand the situation. [...]
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  1. 120 million Japanese have to move to America. Alaska maybe? I want to see if America is truly a friend of Japan.

  2. they should move all the japanese girls to New Zealand

  3. This is what comes with "progress"

    Too far to fast

    Like deep water drilling, deep space exploration
    and 300 mph vehicles

    We just cannot control the contingencies

    We would be much smarter to voluntarily keep our population around 4 billion and stop all
    "progress" and just work on living for a little

    See if we can handle that


  4. This article appears to be quoting from a Japanese politician, not a nuclear expert. If Japanese politicians are as smart as their American counterparts, I wouldn't put a lot of faith in his predictions.

  5. Can we swap the Japanese for all the illegals?

  6. Of course, just about everything tragic in this world can be traced back to the elite; ie HAARP. The Japanese finance minister wouldn't play ball with the Redshield banksters so this is the price Japan had to pay.

    All wars and many 'random' disasters are not random at all. Hard for the sheeple to grasp that our owners are that brutal, but there are.

  7. I for one would not object to 120 million Japanese coming to America. They are intelligent, educated, hard working, polite, elegant people. However the story is all hype. The Nuke plants may well make it risky to be living within a few miles of them for the next 20 years but that is the worst that will happen. The rest of Japan will be fine and eventually the plants will cool enough that they can be cleaned up and even that land will become useful again.

  8. 902 paid disinfo agent. Soil in japan will remain unuseable for thousands of years and the sick will begin dying off soon as others become sick, that country is toast for a long long time.

  9. rad's will pour into the ocean, eventually the migrating schools will bring it round to the west coast. buy your tuna sooner rather then later. wonder if those giant jellyfish will get even bigger causing more problems


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