Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Investment Strategy: Preparing for End Times


Investment professionals have a new pitch: The sky could soon be falling.

While Greece took a step back from the brink on Wednesday, the possibility of a default remains a fear. Europe’s debt crisis, as well as natural disasters and political uprisings, are prompting investors both big and small to seek out investments that promise to protect their portfolios in the event of economic Armageddon.

Worried that Greece could go belly up? So-called black swan funds — named for rare and unexpected events — offer a way to profit in the event of a market collapse. Think a slowdown in the United States or China could set off a global economic crisis? New exchange-traded funds are popping up to help pad investor confidence.

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  1. Oh stop it every one, nothing is going to happen to our economy, that has not already happened before. Everything will stay the same, kids will grow up and get married, find jobs, raise babies and the cycle goes on and on like it did since the beginning of the very boring mankind.
    The only difference going to take place is for a lot of you on here with no labor skills, such as how to fix a car, how to build a house, how to cook, how farm land, how to make your own cloths, how to build roads.
    Those of you who sit at a desk in a cell phone company or tele marketing, pushing register buttons at fast food joints, basically a crappy service sector job, you are the ones that are going to be Americas new poor.
    Go back to school learn a trade before it is too late for you.
    Everyone else is going to do just fine.


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