Friday, July 1, 2011

4 Little Charts Show the Coming Depression

Dylan Jovine
You don’t have to be a conservative or a liberal, or anything at all, to understand that America is about to be flattened by a tidal wave of debt.
Just consider the following chart ...

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  1. Ummmm...the National Debt is just over $14 trillion and GDP is just over $14 trillion...The U.S. is already at 100% Debt to GDP. The raising of the debt ceiling will just push the U.S. over it when you take the $1.5 trillion added to the decifit for the foreseeable future. According to your chart debt to GDP is around 70%. That's wrong.

  2. Nothing wrong; stock market posts biggest percentage gains since 2008!
    We're in a bull market baby -

    Ride 'em Cowboy!

  3. Hey the stock market guy is back again.

    I remember you saying the same thing a year ago. In 10 years if we all live in bomb shelters, abandoned homes, or under bridges will you be telling those Americans next to you about riding the bull market?

    The bull market at that time will of course be a place that grows food. I'll be sure to take advice from Wallstreet goons, keep 6 months of cash on me. How will I be able to get food from those who grow it, if they have many people with guns to guard it? Cash?

    Anyway, this country is going under faster than anyone could have dreamed it.

    Ride the hellavator baby!

  4. Read my Book Crazy for God, you will love it, it shows how this country was destroyed from within, and how fast the fall is coming.

  5. What happens to the Stock Market when the both states break away from the United States but also each state breaks up internally as seen in this story:

    Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California

  6. No jobs, no revenue, no problem!!! When the great, great depression hits, keep your head down and your family safe. Hopefully you will survive the initial culling. Good Luck!!

  7. I like things that go bang for the kiddies as much as anyone else, but anyone who celebrates July 4th as an independence day is deluded.

    We never won our independence and if we did it was temporary at best. The euro elite run this country, absolutely.

    Do people even know that after we supposedly 'won' that British troops were here for 21 years afterward?

    Once they installed their law, courts, and monetary system on us, only then did they leave. In the 1800s they established us as a sub-corporation of the British Empire; aka the District of Columbia.

    Americans proudly proclaim that they are free, but that is far from the case. We are stock in a corporation literally. Your birth certificate has a capital red series of numbers; your stock number. You then get to spend the rest of your life paying 1.5 days of your work week in taxes to your owners via their Fed Researve and Fed Tax.

    Most of us are common stock of course.

    The United States of America is not a land mass. It is a corporation. Like all corporations, we have a treasurer, a pres and vice pres, etc. But the REAL POWER in every corp is from the hidden folks - the board of directors. That my friends is the global banking elite families.

    We are debt slaves, obedient workers because we are not aware of our slave status.

    Think about that as you hold a sparkler!!

  8. The #1 problem today is, banker "A" does not have complete faith in banker "B" in making his payments\obligations, to him or banker "C".
    Thats it in a nutshell.

  9. Hang A, B, and C. Problem solved.

  10. Well damn those Cell phone, black berry, Ipad, Iphone, HBO and Showtime cable and that High speed ISP bills need to be paid first before anything else.

  11. 749 Thank You for that, Never thought about it like that, but I will never Forget what you wrote, I will even be passing it on.

  12. new and possibly growing trend is small and now larger cities going directly to large commercial banks for loans instead of offering bonds etc..what will they use/risk? as collateral? state assets? water rights? electrical grids? meters? roads?..whatever the banks have an eye on...what's up in greece? selling outright national assets. what's happened in many euro countries, along with country's from haiti to s. america and in between? sold assets or risked losing them for more loans which highly likely they can't pay back. privatization has it's own risks. states now..fed later? been talk of such. so tell again how things are well with the country.
    as in history, there were those who owned the land, minerals and water..and those who payed rent/tribute to work with/on the land. simply reverting to the mean, the way it was always and has been.

    piecemeal the widespread ownership of assets is funneled into the fewer ownerships, farmland, water rights, mineral rights, infrastructure, industry's...depending on ties has been very profitable...or not. but by any and all means get another loan..a fix. if it could have been controlled it would have been already? still talk of default, would it be so bad in the long run? iceland did...but their so small, not the US and the globe doesn't depend on them..but should we be such as the worlds police force? the largest funder and bailouter of the UN and IMF and WTO and WB's...well, should we be doing things beyond our means? to have a smaller gov would mean..well..about half of business activity is tied to gov spending..but should that have ever been? or, gov will get bigger, with permits needed and fee's for riding a bike, for replacing an existing water heater or fence, rain runoff from your roof, leaky/old windows, fee's for the smartmeter itself, yearly fee's for annual plumbing inspections, fee's to cut a single frontyard tree, fee's for the leaves it drops, tolls and taxes and mandated purchases and VATS and who knows all the various new ones maybe coming, all seemingly piecemeal and sometimes dressed up as temporary so hardly noticed all on the backs of declining/stagnant wages with fewer benny's until the systems busted completely. could create a vacuum, could be a some seemingly good eloquent speaking promise maker who fills it will...well history has many examples. amazing times


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