Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Budget common sense


As we teeter on the brink of self-induced, worldwide financial disaster, the rhetoric has labeled millionaires, billionaires and oil companies as "job creators" as a justification for not taxing them. But look at the reality. These folks are not creating jobs.

I propose helping them really become the engines for job creation, by closing the tax loopholes they enjoy and repealing their tax subsidies (made up for by taxing the middle class) and then using that money to stimulate jobs.

There are so many simple, cost-effective things that could be done. One small example would be to allocate revenue dollars the Treasury receives from these folks to grants for hotels, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, etc., that use large amounts of hot water -- to allow them to install solar water heaters on their roofs.
Think of the benefits: These are relatively low-cost systems, but they would employ thousands of plumbers, electricians, engineers, vendors, manufacturers, shipping companies and others in every city in America.
And for a very low cost, they would reduce the amount of energy needed from utilities, reduce the amount of water wasted by utilities on this unnecessary energy and reduce the long-term need for additional polluting power plants to be built. Such a move would also help ensure that, in the event of natural disasters that interrupt the power service, the needs of these institutions can still be met at virtually no cost after the units are paid for.


  1. The feminized US is collapsing, just give it up already.

  2. The coming depression is here or yet to come depending on one's outlook. Jobs are scarce and workplaces are downsizing. The economy is in a rough place but are we at 'depression's door? I guess it all depends whether one has a fatalistic or sunny disposition. On the positive side, we can still hope that things will somehow turn around and us govt will manufacture jobs in this 'manufactured' market that shovels debt manure at us in the hopes of ressurecting its powerhouse garden planted with borrowed, freshly minted money from the reserve. There's no quick solution. This band aid 'let borrow more money' approach really turns me into a 'end of times' doomsday kind of gal. I think we are headed towards the 'end of times' as we know it. Gone is the us the reigning powerhouse and coming is uncertainty and fear. We need circulation of money to keep the economy going, but not this artificial kind.

  3. You can be eating rats for survival and be in bliss, the loss of wealth is not why we are suffering.

    If we are in an end times, if there are more than one, the real reason it's happening is due to excess. Excess, indulgence, and immoderation is what caused all of this. The front page of youtube is probably the quickest way to glimpse mankinds overall turmoil.

    People today have way more than any other group in time, yet, misery has never been more abundant. If humanity altogether is not in jeapardy, the USA is still a goner. You cannot undo the damage inflicted. The citizens alone have become of a trailer trash quality.

    Young men and women who are socially mannered, well groomed, sober, and intellectually focused are of the most rare breed. The insanity and stupidity cultivated within our youth is likely impossible to combat. There certainly is a lack of manhood too. Further, I see a lack of womanhood as well.

    A lack of men dedicated to virtue, and an even greater shortage of women supporting virtuous men. No, the boys want to be like the drug dealing pimp rapper on MTV. The girls want to be Paris Hilton and not have to do anything all day except snort cocaine and flash their vaginas in a limo.

    Well, the boys don't know this yet... but you have a better chance getting rich by being a cook than you would a rapper. And for the girls... your daddy is not rich, and you can only act like Paris Hilton.

    I really do hope God will clean this shit mess up.

  4. Greetings

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  5. Riot breaks out on Hollywood Boulevard after the screening of "Electric Daisy Carnival Experience" was cancelled. Can you imagine what will happen if the economy collapses? Americans are easily provoke. I lived through the Rodney King Riot of 1991.

  6. 2:00 you are correct about the vast majority of youth. God isn't going to clean up shit. A personal God is the myth/vanity. If there is a creator he just doesn't give a shit about our backward species. All religions are garbage. Enlist in the church of you. Only you can save yourself.


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