Wednesday, July 27, 2011

IMF chief warns on US default’s far-reaching impact


The new International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has said that Washington must speedily resolve a political stalemate over raising the debt ceiling and the euro zone should “quickly” implement its sovereign debt crisis fighting plan to avoid more “turbulence”.Speaking in New York she warned of serious consequences for the world economy if US politicians fail to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling by next Tuesday’s deadline: “The critical objective is now for the United States to be able to increase the debt ceiling with a view to avoiding a default, which would be terrible for the United States, which would be terrible for the economy at large.Lagarde said she hoped “the political courage shown by European leaders will soon be followed by bold fiscal action in the US”.


  1. Sorry Christine, this job is not going to easy like you thought it would be.

  2. Incisive analysis from Mme Lagarde.

  3. It's a complete circus. The whole idea of increasing the debt limit to save the economy is a backward rationalization of the worst kind. No dought we all need to start stocking up on food and supplies.

  4. That's WTF you've been saying for 3 fucking yrs
    dickbag! I got enough gadamn food for patton's
    3rd fucking army for a year - enough ammo to hold off a Brigade for a month and 2 thousand
    gallons of H2O.
    The entire economy has been propped up by idiots like me who have basically spent their life savings only to keep waking up to the same ole shit - diferent day scenario
    Depression my ass - fucking apple has record profits, has 50 Billion dollars in CASH and you people are still selling this depression shit.
    Good luck; people eat fearmongering right up; I know I did.
    No longer; I'm saving some cash, buying some
    apple, buying some silver - there's money being made everyday & I for one am darn tired of living like it's 1935 cause it ain't


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