Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nothing Left to Loot

Bob Chapman

As we write the US government short-term debt extension is still up in the air. Both sides are not about to give up and lose a political victory. The President still is trying to recover from his ill-timed attempt at extortion. That is if a solution is not found by August 2nd, that he will let US bonds fall into default and terminate government’s Social Security obligations. Our question is how can you loot what has already been looted? The account is already empty.We also found it very strange the opposing party members had nothing to say on the issue, but then again it isn’t so surprising. They are all being paid off and controlled by the same group of people. This sort of behavior is fraud, but what does that mean to an illegal alien, who has already broken so many laws that he cannot keep up with the number. If the facts be known the government has plenty of money to keep running uninterrupted. There are those who call the President a scoundrel, but we have better adjectives to describe . . . . . . .


  1. There is a lot left to loot. If there wasn't we would be wearing fruit baskets on our heads by now.

  2. Ha, ha ha!!! Anonymous, you are really funny! I love it! I guess I better go to the store and buy a hat now!

  3. Oh I get it-the Carman Miranda thing-ha ha ha ha!! ...uhh...what?


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