Sunday, July 31, 2011

US Economy Needs To Rid Itself Of Debt Addiction

Larry Elliott

The US can solve its debt crisis but sustainable prosperity lies in improved productivity and real wage growth not asset bubbles; A country where a plutocracy is firmly in control. A country that has racked up whopping trade and budget deficits over the past quarter century. A country where the tax system is biased towards the rich and spending is lavished on the military rather than the poor. This country – where the politics are dysfunctional and the economy a train wreck – is not some tinpot Latin American dictatorship circa 1980 but the United States in 2011.
If the US were any other country it would be seeking help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is considered a blessing that the dollar's role as the global reserve currency of choice means that Washington does not have to suffer this indignity, but in reality the blessing has turned out to be a curse. The security blanket provided by the dollar has allowed Americans to believe that if they close their eyes all their problems will go away . . . . .


  1. How about reporting the fact that the entire debt is based on a scam, the private euro family owned "Federal" Reserve.

    Of course our politicians are the best money can buy so they gave the bankers what they wanted.

  2. 9:45 RIGHT ON! This entire Ponsi scheme and destruction of our Constitution is the Sole Creation of the Anglo Oligacrhy Banksters. Our Bribed and Corrupted Misreprentatives couldn't madate a "wet dream" without the blessing of the Rothchilds or Rockefellors Boy Toy's Soros...or Brzezinski! Damn there's 8-billion of us and only 400 of them! Start pushing back people...We're waking up and they're scared...

  3. You sound very sincere and bright minded 10:00, but I don't know if I personally see people waking up.

    All the people I know in my life work then come home to watch TV for the rest of the day. If they don't work then they watch TV for the better half of their time awake.

    Their lives revolve around these idiotic shows. Few Americans are left dedicated to learning and advancing their intellects. Nobody reads anymore unless it is vampire fiction crap with some cheesy sex fantasies. Sex with vampires is the thing for some reason.

    True Blood for example seems to make fun of Christianity, yet all the while really depicts an end of the world scene more than anything. In this stupid ass show the characters are sitting around drinking beer every night or having sex with a different partner. All the while they pose a caustic attitude against decency and twistedly interact socially with things that aren't even real! Stranger yet, they have sex with them every night!!!

    The human population just reached seven billion. Only about 3.5 billion are either able bodied or able minded organisms ("healthy" adults). Two billion are babies. There are about 500 million disabled by some illness physically or mentally. The rest are too old or young to be of "fighting" use.

    Of those 3.5 billion, how many are addicts? Carry anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds more than they should? How many are illiterate or pretty much have never read a book in their lives? How many sit on the sofa watching TV for hours, or update their facebook pages every minute? How many are too busy filming themselves with their cell phone cameras to place it on youtube in hope of becoming famous in any way?

    See what I mean? You would probably find only 100 million earthlings at the very most who don't fall into those behaviors/lifestyles.

    Now at the same time the riots that do occur are done by losers. The media wants people to watch the tea party and portray them as violent, but cops actually report saying the tea parties are so peaceful they enjoy being at them.

    On the other hand the commies and marxists are currently, and have been for some time, out at full swing smashing property, attacking police, and loitering work places for goals they can't even define. What purpose is this serving? At first we get used to viewing these things as heroic, but if you look at it for what it really is it is totally pointless.

    And I'm not a tea partier either, those tea party candidates are so freaking lame. Ron Paul is fucking lame too. I hate this shit I'm so fucking tired of this pathetic generation. Sorry for the tangent.

  4. Those that don't invest in the Stock Market now are MAD. Money to be made folks, and lots of it! Times are looking great!

    Prosperous future for us investors, that's for sure. Keep them millions coming! Yeah baby!

  5. 3:43 you may do well investing in the Ponzi. However it can collapse faster than you can extract your funds, online trader or not.

  6. What !
    They struck a deal to raise the debt ceiling !
    Say it ain't so !

    Told Ya
    Told Ya
    Told Ya

    Proof - they are ALL drinking the same kool aid

    "GET THE U.S. out of the U.N."

  8. Agree with 11:22. Also get the UN out of the US and put it in Iran or another member nation that hate America. Wouldn't be hard to find an American hating country to move the UN to as all the UN member states vote against American interests nearly 100% of the time.

  9. The US can solve its debt crisis but sustainable prosperity lies in improved productivity and real wage growth not asset bubbles.

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