Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After Another Loss for Obama, Dem Doubts Deepen on 2012

Chris Stirewalt

"We have now had at least three or more experiences of the president explaining to people that he has a plan and it is under control but the results don't match. He has an unreasonable Congress that doesn't respond to reason. So why continue to reason with them?"
Since the 2010 election, President Obama has thrice tussled with Republicans in Congress and thrice he has lost, each time worse than before.
There was the lame-duck deal on extending current tax rates in December in which Obama traded away a core campaign promise for a short-term extension of long-term unemployment benefits.
Then there was the battle over the continuing resolution that is currently funding the government. While Obama stalled for a better deal, Republicans whacked $6 billion in short-term cuts to spending and then a longer, but hazier deal on future outlays. There, Obama avoided a government shutdown and got nothing much but the chance to kick the can on the final round of cuts.

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