Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Empire in Decline. The Debt Crisis is Just a "Prelude to War

K. Selim

"How can an empire in decline impose its views? The U.S. not only shows obvious signs of economic collapse, but also of genuine regression: the American dream no longer exists. The U.S. establishment, Democratic or Republican, is not prepared to cash in its last major comparative advantage - military supremacy."……

Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz (1780-1831), the German military strategist once said that 'War is the continuation of politics by other means.' Given the political dead-end the West seems to be on, his maxim may once again prove all too true. Western governments appear powerless to confront the current crisis and the looming threat of a depression, with all of the serious consequences that implies. The colossal debt of nations and bleak prospects for growth are creating a panic situation on financial markets around the world. A crash is not a figment of the imagination…..

What we should fear is that war may become - as history attests - the last recourse of capitalism in crisis. "Common sense" might call for a significant reduction in the U.S. military budget as a path toward effective treatment of America's gigantic debt. But the cynicism of short-term interests is little concerned with common sense. Given the impasse among ultra-liberals [i.e.: pro-capitalists] and a recession that further widens already intolerable social divisions, a war would allow them to revive the machine. But it would have to be a war of the "first order," because the low-intensity wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have only served to deepen deficits and have had no impact on a system of industrial production quite ill-suited to asymmetrical conflict. Crises of capitalism, which are paid for by the most vulnerable, are settled permanently only in blood. It is certainly not out of solidarity with speculators that we so closely follow stock market anguish……


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  2. What an asinine article.

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  4. F_R_A_U_D.....A_L_E_R_T
    The FED is selling Treasury option. The story is at

    More bad news: Social Security disability is on a verge of insolvency

  5. I can't believe the FED is selling default insurance on Treasury bonds.


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