Monday, August 8, 2011

Europe To Lead The Financial Collapse Of The West?

J. D. Heyes (Natural News)

In case you haven't noticed - and, in lieu of the press generated by the recent battle royal over how much to increase the U.S. national debt, most of you probably haven't - Europe is on the brink of financial collapse. But before you shed too many tears for the Mother Continent, save a few for America because at the pace we're going, we're next. Expert economists, who have watched the financial situation in Europe deteriorate over the past year, have watched its politicians and policymakers make one bad fiscal decision after another, each of which has served to perpetuate, if not accelerate, the continent's impending economic collapse......
And while that would appear to be obvious, lawmakers set the entire country up for failure when they, some time ago, forgot about stewardship (taking care not to injure or harm the next generation of Americans) and instead focused on buying loyalties here and now using the U.S. Treasury as a personal piggy bank. European leaders have done the same thing. The only difference between Europe and America is that they appear to be closer to being swallowed by the coming fiscal tsunami.......

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  1. what happens if germany, finland, norway decide not to fund the new giant super bailout fund, the efsf? their still allowed to make lone decisions as nations for now. france is supposed to to, and may, but then again what if france gets downgraded, making them ineligible? wouldn't that be something.
    don't forget japan..without exports, and a..weaker..yen, their 200% debt to gdp may lead the way, but with euro in trouble, the many are running to yen making it strong.


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