Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The GOP’s Carjacking On Capitol Hill

Ruth Marcus

Welcome to the new Washington normal: endless rounds of legislative carjacking.
Perhaps that’s unduly grim — pessimism fueled by the exhaustion of the moment. Perhaps, having peered into the abyss of political gridlock and economic collapse, those Republicans who pushed things to the brink this time will be chastened on the next round. Perhaps, but I’m sticking with pessimism. One side wanted the car, had a gun and wasn’t afraid — certainly not afraid enough — to use it. The other had a child in the back seat.
Those who blame Democrats or President Obama for being lousy negotiators fail to appreciate the fundamentally asymmetric nature of the current bargaining.


  1. Washington went over the "brink" years ago. How can a 1.6T Budget Deficit, not be over the brink?

    As a Feared, the Democrats won - No budget cuts and a new checkbook with another 2.4 Trillion in debt (with printed money of course). The US is well past on track to financial ruin.

  2. Neither party follows the constitution. "No state shall make anything payments for debts other than gold and silver coin". No direct taxes, congress shall "coin" money. The list goes on and on. It is not a question of Democrat or Republican, it is rather a question of constitutional or treasonous POSs.

  3. treason out of washington
    should i expect anything eles

  4. The US is failing, plain and simple. Enjoy it while it lasts and keep voting for the same morons (D or R), as you all will.

  5. I never liked this country very much anyway...

  6. "I never liked this country very much anyway... "

    Soon you're going to like it a whole lot less!

  7. "Soon you're going to like it a whole lot less!"

    I already am!


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