Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Depression and the WPA

by Jack Wood

Every politician seems to agree that this country needs jobs. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to agree. Jobs, jobs, jobs! They chant. Yet no jobs seem coming. Nobody seems to know how to create jobs. American corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars but will not spend any of it to create jobs. Not surprising because corporations is in the business of creating profits for their shareholders. Spending money to hire people cost money and they are not in the business to spend money that might reduce their profits. That is the capitalist way. The United States Supreme Court may think corporations are people just like you and I, but corporations do not have patriotic allegiances to the United States. Capitalism has nothing to do with patriotism, only profits.

How are we going to create jobs, the politicians ask. Tons of bailouts and stimulus funds may have helped banks, Wall Street, automakers, and the like, but did not help the working people of this country, which is the backbone of this country. Trickle down from the Republican Party’s “job creators” has not trickled down to working people regardless of what Ronald Reagan and their party contend.

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