Thursday, August 4, 2011

'Jobs, Not Cuts: Battlecry For 'American Dream' Movement

Van Jones

After the 2008 financial collapse and Barack Obama’s election, millions of Americans hoped that our country would create a New Deal for the 21st century. Instead, it feels like we are getting a Raw Deal, one that drags us back toward the 19th century. This summer, a minority of extremists somehow grabbed what should have been a routine legislative act and used it to highjack our democracy, undermine our nation’s standing in the world, jeopardize our shaky economic recovery and impose massive, job-killing cutbacks — all while blocking any tax increases on the rich . . . . . . . . This whole process was distressing; the final outcome looks depressing. We are supposed to be a much better country than this . . . . .


  1. Van Jones is a self proclaimed socialist/marxist. He does not believe in a free market society which create wealth and jobs led by private businesses, but rather a strong handed governmental control which tells its people and business how to operate. He has no business spewing his propaganda around when this nation is on the verge of collapse. The policies he believes in have led to our ruin: Big government agencies and regulations, subsidies for businesses, a strong welfare state, out of control federal spending.

  2. our family loves Van Jones, he is so influential and powerful, hes the next one you want your kids educated by!
    be part of us and join the Van Jones New age thinking

  3. van jones?? really?? this blog used to be my home page but in the last month or so their view has changed and so has my home page. Go back to the way it was when you started before it got hijacked by the liberal socialist left.


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