Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Most Americans Can't Afford A $1,000 Emergency Expense

Jessica Dickler

It's less than the cost of a car repair, but many Americans would struggle to come up with $1,000.........
When the unexpected strikes, most Americans aren't prepared to pay for it........
Only 36% said they would tap theirrainy day funds for an emergency. The rest of the 2,700 people polled said that they would have to go to other extremes to cover an unexpected expense, such as borrowing money or taking out a cash advance on a credit card........


  1. Sorry if this seems like a digression. We're past any of this, so what I'll say here might not be related really to anything mentioned in the article written by the brain dead cnn lackey.

    1) Gold flew up in value by 200 dollars in only a week.
    2) Stocks dived 600 points.
    3) 50% of the population in America is not working.
    4) Unemployment is near 25%.
    5) Tons of businesses and buildings have shut down or become completely vacant. (Even though the nation already hosted a mass of empty buildings and homes)
    6) 80% of college students drink regularly or experiment with drugs. (What is admitted)
    7) Roughly one tenth of graduating high schoolers function at a 12th grade level academically.
    8) The average teenager sends over 100 text messages a day.
    9) Few families remain that are well bonded and have not been shattered by drugs or divorce.
    10) The average American adult watches six hours of television a day.
    11) The modern family typically consists of young women (often minors) living with and having their mothers take care of their babies while the dad is either in prison or unknown.
    12) The middle class now resembles trailer park trash, and suburbias aren't much different than trailer parks.
    13) 44 million households recieve food stamps, that could mean 100 million people or more are on them.

    I could go on, but this is already redundant in its current form. This is really not funny. I think I'll skip over any articles discussing horrible predicaments such as Americans being unable to afford 1,000$ for an emergency. That's just way too sad for me...

  2. Actually I believe the number of food stamp recipients is up to 48 million...But your point is taken.

    If you look at this we have no one to blame but ourselves and I do expect a swift kicking in the ass in the form of austerity/budget cut/quality of life.

    BUUUUUT afterwards we will all be a lil more wiser and hopefully a lil bit more humbler...We are a nation of drugged up, drunk, superficial, materialistic fools with fleeting morals and work ethic...Maybe this will wake people up to get back on track.

    A grumbling stomach makes a man look at his choices in life and either steal, change or die.

  3. My ASS, it can't be that bad, you all still have the Iphone/blackberry's glued to your ears and red thumbs from texting, you still have your LCD and HBO cable, you still have your high speed ISP. (you doesn't stsnd for anybody in perticular, its used as generic)

    and no I don't have or use any of those, my ISP is dialup, as cheap as I can go and still go on line. So I don't go out to eat, go to bars, or movies, and don't F with the bitches, but Hy I got my 1000 bucks for that emergency, smirks


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