Monday, August 1, 2011

Obama, Congress OK Deal On Debt, Avert US Default

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Republicans and Democrats in Congress have reached an agreement with President Barack Obama to raise the limit on US borrowing and forestall an unprecedented American default, marking the start in the final chapter of one of the nastiest and divisive episodes in recent American political history.
Tuesday is the deadline to avoid a US default on payments to investors in US Treasury bonds, recipients of Social Security pension checks, those relying on military veterans benefits and businesses that do work for the government.
If approved, the compromise would presumably preserve America’s sterling credit rating, reassure investors in financial markets across the globe and possibly reverse the losses that had spread across Wall Street in recent days as the threat of a default grew.
Rank and file lawmakers are expected to review the package, and no votes are expected in either house of Congress until Monday at the earliest . . . . . . . . .


  1. The last six articles have no comments. Why? Because most of the people that read this blog know that politicians are just banker puppets and all of this BS is just a stage show.

    Less articles about what the puppets are doing please. Very few here care. More about the frauds like the Fed, coming hyperinflation and destruction of the dollar.

    If we wanted articles about what the puppets are doing we'd all move over to USAtoday.

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  2. Wow ! Now that was a real cliff hanger!

    ... A bad gunslinger called Salty Sam was chasin' poor Sweet Sue.
    He trapped her in the old sawmill and said with an evil laugh,If you don't give me the deed to your ranchI'll saw you all in half!

    And then he grabbed her (and then)He tied her up (and then)He turned on the bandsaw
    (and then, and then...!) ... ”
    —Along Came Jones by The Coasters

    The god of Usury debt creation,through his hero president and representatives in congress has blessed and saved America!

    The printing press will be freed again .

    Manna will fall from the debt money tree again and the american dollar hegemony will live forever.

    Or, until the next money printing cliff hanger “debt limit” for the national debt is reached very soon.

    In the making of this money printing drama and sham fight, talk shop circus and MSM show ,people should be aware that no horses, elephants ,donkeys ,oligarchs, banksters, politicians or other animals ,or responsible criminals of fraud were harmed, or jailed in order to keep the Ponzi great debts and dollar hegemony printing press system ticking over.

    But trapped debt peons should not worry.

    The military and bombs for the third world ‘terrorist” resistance to Empire will still be paid for on time.

    The cheering million cast of American extras paid not to do productive of real wealth and profits work but still consume, will still be provided and bribed with welfare handouts and other benefits ,with only easily affordable small handout lifestyle cuts necessary because of devalued dollars for baby boomers entitlements . In order to save the system of continuing bailouts for the finance sector and its share market and property bubbles in a jobless recovery in the modern capitalist Corporate State bi partizan American way.So.. All is well in the world again. ln the best of all possible bankrupt countries that was once the richest country in the world.

    It is well known , that Uncle Bennybucks says he does not actually print money ,just shuffles around digitally created debts between the Fed and treasury department .Because nobody sensible especially foreign cedit suppliers wants to buy treasury bills much now.
    In a digital age where true wealth depends solely on such digital money information and other services circulating, sheeple have clearly nothing to worry about with wizards of debt creation at the Fed and sock puppet Messiahs , like Bush with the great TARP bailout plan, or an Obama today in control of deficit spending/ money creation for the oligarch klepotocrats benefit.The bailout welfare system for the insolvent finance sector and counterfeit money stimulation of the consumer /services economy will continue as normal.
    Even if credit and productive jobs are a little a little tight. America can print its profits again..
    True little real new physical wealth will be created in manufacturing but the finance sector and fictionaly valued share markets will be stimulated fine again. The property bubble rescue thingy is still strangely a bit iffy though, with foreclosures still continuing at a good rate that is only to be expected from irresponsible debt peons unable to pay up in a jobless recovery .

    But, Everybody saved can now sigh with relief and go back to sleep keeping full confidence that the traditional party politicians (Trappos) cooperating with the tea party ideologues heroes in the Circus were working hard ,even overtime over the weekend ,just to save the system with Austerity.

  3. Jabroni Congressmen. They are eating dingle berries while sharting.

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