Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taxed Into Oblivion

The Economic Collapse

In the United States today, we are being taxed into oblivion, yet it is being done so stealthily that most Americans don't even realize what is happening. Most people are fixated on federal income tax rates, but the federal income tax is only one of the dozens of different taxes that each of us pay each year. The politicians have learned that people get really upset when income tax rates are raised, so they have found hundreds of other ways to raise taxes on us. What most taxpayers in the United States today are facing is "death by a thousand cuts".

Federal income taxes definitely still hurt, but the reality is that where we really get hit is in all of the other taxes that we pay. American families pay Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, death taxes, various excise taxes, gasoline taxes, tire taxes, utility taxes, liquor taxes, telephone taxes and cigarette taxes just to name a few. The truth is that there are dozens and dozens of different taxes that most Americans pay each year, and there are a whole bunch of others that get passed on to us through businesses that we deal with.

So, no, raising taxes is not going to fix what ails us. It would just feed the monster that we have created in Washington. We are already being taxed into oblivion. Middle class America can't take much more of this. We need to change our entire approach to taxation in this country, because right now our tax system is fundamentally unfair and it is not working.


  1. and fee's..and levy's. voters passed a library levy to fund it, their cutting hrs etc now anyway and are using that as proof they need more. prisoners releases are the classic...ask for money, get it, not enough ask for more, threaten to release criminals. get money, spend more then got, ask for more, get it, spend more then it, ask for more, threaten(with tarp was martial law)cuts in police, fire, prisoner releases etc. even the city bus services have learned the trick.

  2. Yep. Buy online out of state as much as you can to at least avoid state sales tax. I often pay a bit more just to avoid CALIFORNIA sales tax. This states government sucks so bad that working people are walking away from the upside down mortgage and moving to Texas, Wyoming, Arizona to name a few. I personally know several cases.

    They keep raising taxes on EVERYTHING including vehicle registration and smog certificates. They even found away around Prop 13, a law from 30 years ago that prevents property taxes from being raised once you purchase your home. Now there is a "fee" for fire protection. When you confront the bastards they say "its not a tax because owning property is voluntary" $@#*+$%

  3. There's no surprise about taxes. The ever-growing poor don't complain about taxes because they don't pay them. The Uber-Rich Elitists don't pay taxes as they use their Tax Exempt foundations and armies of Accountants to avoid any real taxes owed. It's left with just you and me, we pay for all.



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