Monday, August 1, 2011

U.S. Day Of Reckoning Is Coming


There's nothing like visiting a poor cousin for the summer to get a glimpse of what life could be like if things were different, not for the grace of God, but for the fortune of good governance. A trip to middle America to take a course in the social sciences had me comparing life to others in my demographic: the middle-age, middle-class working parent. If I wasn't compelled to wave the Canadian flag before to distinguish my more understated tribe from the inward-looking and swaggering American, I would surely do it now. What a reversal of fortune - the richest and most powerful country in the world is now supported by the benevolence of a developing nation. While I take no credit for our much better position as a triple-A rated Canadian, or comfort in their double-A lesser one, it's nonetheless been an abrupt study in comparative politics, economic (and metaphorically gastronomic) indulgence, and ultimately, in national identity. Moreover, if we are just at an earlier point on the same continuum, what's happening in the U.S. is a timely warning . . . . . . .


  1. A despicable gloating article if I've ever read one. A message to my fellow Americans, despite the hundreds of billions of dollars in relief food and support the United States has provided to nations around the world for foreign aid, many of which are hostile to the US, we now find ourselves on the receiving end of increasing ridicule, mockery, and stereotypes from nations who are allegedly our friends such as Canada. As the GLOBAL economic conditions continue to deteriorate, and make no mistake they will worsen here in the US and Canada, be prepared to encounter more anti-American stereotypical rhetoric from Canadians and other nations that have benefited greatly from globalization at the expense of Americans. I'd like to ask Ms. Klassen how much foreign aid or IMF funding has Canada provided over the past 20 years compared to the US, and we'll compare apples to apples. It just goes to show that you don't know who your real friends are until adversity hits.

  2. is it true that boobtube worship isn't as rampant in canada?

    anyway with this economy built on consumer discretionary spending what happens now that that stream is no longer growing, but slowing in growth, even stopping growth? oh...well we can cover that with deficit spending....economy becoming and will become held aloft through debt spending...until and as others leave off from us and we implode. It's ok...other nations are and will be imploding too but some falling harder then others and is also why nations will turn away, to attend to their own implosions.

    I guess those who made many profits from consumers borrowing and spending will also make up for the slowing through the spending we must all and fuel

    farming happens too...:)) good honest work

  3. wouldn't hold up our funding of the IMF as something to be proud of...LOL

  4. In hindsight my IMF reference was a poor choice. Considering the trail of ruined nations the IMF has left in its wake, an entire new topic could be discussed on the US IMF relationship. Point taken.

  5. now they want your medicare and social security.

  6. Things must be really tough in Rhode Island...this article downgraded it from a state to a city.


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