Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 Signs That the U.S. Economy Is About To Go Into the Toilet

The Economic Collapse

If you think the U.S. economy is bad now, just wait for a few months. Things are about to become absolutely nightmarish. None of the long-term economic trends that are hollowing out our economy have been addressed and more bad economic news seems to come out virtually every single day. Now there is constant talk of the "next recession" in the mainstream media. But did the last recession ever truly end? The number of good jobs continues to decline, more stores are closing, incomes continue to go down, credit card debt and student loan debt are soaring, the housing market resembles a corpse, the number of Americans living in poverty continues to rise and government debt is at unprecedented levels. We are losing blood fast, and almost all of our leaders are either too corrupt or too incompetent to be able to do anything about it.

The long-term trends that are destroying us continue to get worse. The United States is steamrolling directly toward an economic collapse. When this economy hits bottom and splatters all over the place, it is not going to be easy to fix. The America that we know today is going to be wiped out by a gigantic mountain of debt and by the consequences of decades of really bad decisions. We were handed the keys to the greatest economic machine in the history of the world and we have wrecked it. So prepare for really, really hard times ahead. The era of endless prosperity is ending. Next comes the pain.


  1. well we're getting another round of that TAA funded(the fund that pays for retraining workers effected by "free trade" job losses) as the last hurdle to passing the next and newest free trade agreement. so all is well. (to fund it beforehand almost say's outright-job loses? yet pass next trade agreements anyway)

    the new spans on the bridge in cali are made in china...but hey, new bridge can't beat that huh

  2. The economy is already in the toilet


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