Friday, September 9, 2011

The Economics of Disaster

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Tonight, the government and the truth. While Freedom Watch was off in late August, some newsworthy events captivated our attention. In Libya, Col. Kaddafi was deposed by a violent revolution in which the United States and Great Britain took sides. We and the British supplied arms and money to the rebels, we recognized them as the official government of Libya, and we bombed the daylights out of military and civilian targets. We directly caused the deaths of thousands of innocents. All this was done on the order of the President alone: There was no congressional declaration of war, as the Constitution requires. There was no congressional authorization to spend funds, as the Constitution requires: The President just invaded another country on his own.

Oh, the President can borrow money, and he can give it away to companies that will employ his union buddies. But that won't bring prosperity or create jobs. It will enrich the banks through whom the funds are channeled; and it will temporarily hire union laborers until the make-work projects are completed. But unless there is a real economic demand for these jobs, they will soon end. And when they do, our $16 trillion debt will be greater than it is now. And all the President's union friends will be back out of work. And we'll all be paying higher taxes to pay back the borrowed money. But maybe that will be after Election Day. So where does all this leave us? With a President who rejects the Constitution he has sworn to uphold; with innocent homeowners who were duped into thinking that the same government that can't deliver their mail would somehow save them from Mother Nature; and with a centrally planned economy that gets worse by the day with all the government planning and borrowing and spending.


  1. As usual, this is right wing nonsense. Only 9% of the workforce belongs to a union. any campaign money a union might donate is dwarfed by the tens of millions spent by conservative billionaires.

    As for shredding the constitution, George Bush did plenty of that, but we never heard a peep from the Republicans. He also doubled the debt and created the monstrous bureaucracy known as Homeland Security, which spends money like water.

    As for jobs, polls of small businesses show they are not hiring because they don't have customers. They don't have customers because people are unemployed,or broke.

    As for disasters, we have terrible flooding here in Pennsylvania and you bet your ass we're going to the federal government for help. That's what the government is supposed to do.

  2. has a story that Greece is to default this weekend. Germany and France are shoring up their banks. We will see come Monday if this is true.

  3. Ha ha ha ha!

    The Democrats make me laugh. This muzzie president has Not kept even one campaign promise and yet these imbeciles and I use this term lightly because what I really want to say is not too kind but these imbeciles are ready to vote in that same idiot for 4 more years.

    4 more years of what ? He hasn't done anything and he got a peace prize for increasing the Afghanistan war and declared war by himself without congress on Libya.

    4 more years ? Are you Demotards serious ???

    Ok you know what, elect your retard again. Lets take this economy and finally burn it into the ground. Lets go down in flames and then afterwards we'll have a civil war with guns and see which side wins...

    Ok ?! That's fair enough. Obama for 4 more. I'm down for it. Let's go vote for 4 more years of incompetence! Just like we did with Bush Junior.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Get your children ready to live under Shariah law which at least finally the homosexuals will be executed under that law and at least slow down all these abortions which are an abomination to Allah!

    Learn to appreciate your Muslim overlords America because your president is empowering them to take over.

    Imagine your women wearing a burkah and being subservient to you, won't you enjoy that!

    Have fun! :)

  4. Dems vs Gop = sheeple mentality.

  5. 3:37 - exactly so

    These dumb arses also argue about Ford vs Chevy

    And their 50 something !

    They remain asleep during the ride; the crashing thru of the guardrails; the 300'
    plunge to the bottom of the gorge.

    The sudden stop ay the bottom which is coming right up will wake their arses up !

    I am currently mirror training my "awe" look
    for all my sheeple neighbors who will be knocking on my door for handouts and protection

  6. Once Greece falls it will drag all the others down with it, Germany will try to stay strong, but will collapse under the weight, then it will hit the Americas, United sates falling hard then Canada, then all of south America, then finally the Chinese will feel the last of the economic wrath.
    It's total death out there.


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