Thursday, September 8, 2011

Green Pigs Don't Fly

Jeffrey Folks

Reportedly, Obama's jobs speech will focus on infrastructure spending, and much of that spending will undoubtedly be tied to the creation of "green jobs." The problem is, what he has already spent has not created jobs. According to the Heritage Foundation, it may well have cost jobs. It has, however, enriched some of his wealthiest political contributors. And that seems to be the real motive behind the president's infrastructure spending. Not green jobs, but green pork.

In fact, Obama's green energy stimulus has done more for job-creation in Malaysia and China than it will ever do in the U.S. Under Obama's massive loan guarantee program, the American taxpayer has footed a $60-billion bill largely for Asian job creation.

Actually, there is not. Because more important than actual green jobs is green pork. Obama is relying on green pork, along with union pork and trial lawyer pork, to get him reelected. Green jobs are at the heart of his domestic agenda because green pork results in donations to the Democratic Party. Whether it results in any jobs, to say nothing of "long-term" jobs, is irrelevant. It's his own job that Obama is focused on saving.


  1. No !

    Say It ain't so !

    The annointed one !?

    I don't believe it !

  2. Fitting the Democrats who push such crap for a rope necktie will be good sport

    I will offer to kick the step ladder out from under them and watch them pay the price of greed and lies

  3. I am especially fond of the compamny in California who; unlike the panel mfg. in Ohio that we gave a billion fucking dollars to and is now in bankrupcy ----

    Is doing quite well retrofitting homes with solar products on a rental basis. You know;
    you get X amount of solar energy for X amount
    of monthly payment; sorta like a cable or water

    The funniest part is all the californians who are signing up for this new "green" approach
    do not realize that the workers are 85% Hispanic
    and the fucking panels are 100% made in China !

    Ha! You stupid fucking Californicationers !!

  4. A foreign observer says.
    It is a good thing that the “Hispanics”are still prepared to do productive work in Californian lands once stolen from Mexico.

    While millions of south-western Americans now live in a failed capitalism ,with their run down electrical infrastructure still unrecovered and kept still paying for the financial elites ENRON scams,have had rolling blackouts or no electricity supply for days .
    Edison has been dead for years.
    Now the dumbed down white settler class of debt peons are technologically backward today ,even with billion dollar subsidies for solar power greenscams set up first under Bush and continued under Obama , they cannot not compete internationally in modern manufacture after de-industrialisation .

    DIY solar and wind Ponzi electricity supply it seems is the only promised way out for homeowners.
    Even if the bridges and highways were fixed instead of government tax revenues going to failed bankers the cost of empire wars would make gas/energy too expensive for Americans to use the roads anyway.

    And street lighting is being turned off in many munis as property tax revenues are falling in abandoned foreclosed areas as Americans abandon Mac mansions they can no longer afford .

    Unemployed Young Student loan aprentice debt peons cannot afford to pay back their loans and become housing debt peons too.
    They are promised a brightly lit future as trailer trash if only these solar electricity supply problems were affordable in the housing camps.
    The ruling elite that own the debts are sending bankrupted Americans back to the dark ages with their bailouts.


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