Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Many in U.S. Slip from Middle Class, Study Finds

Michael A. Fletcher

Nearly one in three Americans who grew up middle-class has slipped down the income ladder as an adult, according to a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts. Downward mobility is most common among middle-class people who are divorced or separated from their spouses, did not attend college, scored poorly on standardized tests, or used hard drugs, the report says. “A middle-class upbringing does not guarantee the same status over the course of a lifetime,” the report says.

The new report called the performance of blacks on a key standardized test a factor that accounts for virtually the entire mobility gap separating the races. Black males scored much lower than white males on the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which measures reading comprehension, vocabulary and math ability. “Taking into account differences in AFQT scores between middle-class white and black men reduces the gap until it is statistically indistinguishable from zero,” the report said. The findings in the report are drawn from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a group of 12,000 interviews that researchers have followed since 1979.


  1. I think being in the middle class fucking sucks. You can almost grab the next rung on the ladder,, but I never seem to get there. I can't afford a new car, I have no idea how people afford brand new ones. I scrimp and save, and never get more than a few thousand saved up before something comes along and gets it. Don't get any tax breaks or benifites. Have to always stay up to date on everything to keep my middle class standard going. home,health,auto insur. Property tax, huge phone/internet bill, getting raped for cable TV.
    And the worst part is it seems like lower class people on food stamps and gov assistant live as good or BETTER than me. wtf.

    I hope the system collapses and they all die off

  2. Sounds about right to me, you seem to be on the same rail car as I am 7:55

    I never was able to take any deductions in my entire life, all I can do is go standard deduction, even when I was paying my mortgage for almost 30 years, I guess i made the decision to buy what i could actually afford and pay for, which was something around the cost of a new SUV at that time. but its at least paid for now.

    however, I don't own a cell phone, don't have a LCD TV, I still use my 19" old table model, my ISP is DialUP, and I only use basic cable, no HBO or over rated sports crap.

    Between that ass wipe Bernakapart, able to make the rates at these low levels all by himself, and the CNBC idiots pushing stock, all I can do is stay as "small" as possible, as anything else would just make those fools more bucks.


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