Monday, September 5, 2011

On Labor Day Obama To Sell Jobs Creation

CBS News

President Obama could be under more pressure than ever to produce an effective new jobs proposal after Friday's bad unemployment report. CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reports the president will be in Detroit this Labor Day. Unemployment there is about 14% - that's five points above the national average. Michigan is a state he won by a huge margin in 2008. Today things are not looking as good, particularly on the jobs front. At his speech to a labor audience in hard-hit Detroit today, President Obama is expected to hail the success of the 2009 auto industry bailout, and call on members of both parties to come together to solve the jobs crisis.

When asked if the country is heading in the wrong direction on the jobs front, Secretary Solis said, "It is not. You have to remember that by the time the president took office we had already lost about 8 millions jobs. The first month alone we lost 750,000 jobs. Now I can tell you in the last 17 months he's helped to create 2.4 million private sector jobs. "We're going to continue on that trajectory, but we need bipartisan support from the Congress, the Senate and from the public." Solis said that as the president sells his ideas to the public, the American people will be able to define for themselves "who is helping to create jobs, incentivizing that, and who are the roadblocks."

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