Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wake Up America! 10 Very Obvious Reasons Why The Devastating U.S. Jobs Famine Is Going To Suck The Hope Right Out Of America

The Economic Collapse

Do you have friends, neighbors and relatives that can't find work? Well, unfortunately the current U.S. jobs famine is about to get a whole lot worse. Right now there are approximately 13.9 million unemployed Americans. That does not count those that "are not looking for work". That does not count those that are working part-time jobs but that are desperate for full-time work. The truth is that we need tens of millions more full-time jobs in order to give one to everyone that wants one.

Sadly, we are already seeing all sorts of signs that society is collapsing. As the economy continues to fall apart, the violence in our neighborhoods is going to get even worse. America is changing. The country that so many of us have loved all of our lives is becoming unrecognizable. Large numbers of communities have had all of the hope sucked right out of them. Tens of millions of Americans that want to do things the "right way" is rapidly losing faith in the system. When you can't get a decent job after months and months of trying it can be absolutely soul-crushing. What do you tell someone that has spent a year sending out resumes and has used up all of their savings?

The era of endless prosperity for America is at an end. The cold, hard consequences of decades of bad decisions are starting to set in. Right now our economy is rapidly hurtling downhill on a bus without brakes and we are headed directly for a cliff. Please wake up America.

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  1. Its all okay because the FED, Wall Street and the US Government will find a way to fix America (Extreme Sarcasm).


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