Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We're Ten Years Past the Twin Towers Attack and Still Fighting Wars in Its Name. When Will We Open Our Eyes?

City Weekly Staff

After witnessing the first jetliner crash into the Twin Towers on that Sept. 11 morning, a friend of mine’s wife and 7-year-old daughter fled to their nearby Manhattan loft and ran to the roof to look around. From there, they saw the second plane explode in a rolling ball of flaming fuel across the rooftops. It felt like the heat of a fiery furnace. Not long after, the girl was struck with blindness. She rarely left her room. Her parents worked with therapists for months, trying various techniques including touch and visualization, before the young girl finally recovered her sight.

That’s what happened to America itself 10 years ago this Sunday on 9/11, though it might be charged that many of us were blinded by privilege and hubris long before. But 9/11 produced a spasm of blind rage arising from a pre-existing blindness as to the way much of the world sees us. That, in turn, led to the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan again, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia—in all, a dozen “shadow wars,” according to The New York Times.

With peace voters making a critical difference in numerous electoral battlegrounds, however, Obama might speed up the “ebbing,” plausibly announce a peace dividend in the trillions of dollars, and transfer those funds to energy conservation and America’s state and local crises. His answer to the deficit crisis will have to include a sharp reduction in war funding, and his answer to the Tea Party Republicans will have to be a Peace Party.


  1. These wars the writers concerned about, it is very elementary to understand that the United States keeps it majority of young people employed, we do not have enough jobs to handle the current population, and maintaining wars are ways to keep all these military employed.

  2. Pentagon Quote: "We Have Total Spectrum Dominance over the American People and they are so afraid that if we fart they will all fall down from heart attacks... If an American winks his eyes, we know about it. Next we seek to rid ourselves of the Christians, Patriots, and White People and then install Shariah Law and the New World Order."

    What could be more simple ?!

  3. 9:44 where is that from?

    If that's legit, then that is pretty spooky the last sentence. Considering the decimation of womanhood in the last 40 years, it would not be surprising if it was a gimmick to 1) play down the growing poverty levels, and 2) remove chivalry from young men and get them into the fad of abusing girls for sexual gratification.

    Islam in the form of Islamic Radicalism is not Islam. It is the complete opposite of Islam. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the CIA is the American form of Soviets. Analogous at least. So this extreme racial/sexism obsession posing as humanitarian is only there to spread drugs, sex, and stupidity while attacking those who are apart of those minorities, and crippling the middle class character.

    Islamic Radicalism, considering the perverted behaviors of those in it, may just immitate the false patriarch (tyrant) model they attemtped to impose on humanity for centuries and even thousands of years back.

    Maybe that's a bit far out there. What I'm saying is that Islam and Islamic Radicalism are not the same; Muslims can be American patriots, but Islamic Radicalism is actually a branch of the CIA - to get our troops into these terrorist owned nations, siding with the terrorists against what seems to be the dictator's army, then take all the drugs and wealth out of these nations and hand them over the elite globalists.

    Meanwhile the people in a decade will be dumber than the prior one, and in worse condition. Rendering any kind of resistance nearly impossible.

    That's probably a load of shit but whatever. lol

  4. So sad that ten years later the sheep still believe the 911 lie. Not surprising though. Sheep believe only what brings them comfort.

  5. All religions have their strange cultural/morality problems as all claim to be serving gods commandments from old primitive times and societies .

    A modern secular state society law is designed to provide freedom for all FROM imposed religions while permitting harmless freedom of worship for all happy clappers and wowsers,or for those practising no religion at all.

    Sharia law sensibly includes or insists on
    the lawfull use of gold and silver money and is opposed to lending money for interest / Usury.

    Thus it is more in tune with the original US constitution than the current claimed Judeo/ Christian privately owned Federal banking system of paper value ,where paper money is created as interest bearing "national" debt for a private money monopoly.Doing "gods work"
    And then this paper is again loaned at interest in multiples of other banks cash reserves to people ,after the loans are digitaly created as book entries "out of fresh air.
    This central banking system and federal government purchase of this fake debt money has led in the past to many wars and many depressions including to the current Ponzi US dollar hegemony empire economy of a bankrupt insovent america now drowning in a sea of usury debts to a ruling financial elite .

    The US constitution needs a precious gold/silver money "shariah style" reform to get back to the original real money intent of the founding fathers and those sovereign states that acualy ratified the original
    constitution by handing their money making rights to the Federal government only to be betrayed to banksters

  6. 9.44
    invents his AmeriKKKAn "quotes" order to divert attention from the international NWO banksters empire debt problems ,in order to promote religious race wars internationaly and in america itself by his "WHITE" "CHRISTIAN"
    ,patriot act ,"patriot" actorsfor defending the banksters that have already bankrupted and destroyed the old america with wars and debts. Protecting the current NWO dollar hegemony empire by promoting more Patriotic religious wars is no way to help america.
    He should ,as I suppose a christan zionist, move to Zionist israel where his paranoic anti-muslim race rave crazy nonsense would be more apreciated.

  7. your opinion the current -fed reserve system,usury-is set in judeo/christian beliefs? no.

    usury is spoken of in the bible, old and new testament. forbid, except for certain cases. usury is often associated with those who whore and shed the --entire world does at present, not just america. so no, it's not set or backed by judeo/christian beliefs. they have taken bribes to shed blood, taken usury and profits and injured the neighbor for gains by oppression and forgotten God, goes on to say what judgements occur from such. odd? the "god" of money, the love of many, falling apart all over. the greed behind usury is taken into the heart and blackens it. is it money, a tool used to transact, or love of money. greed and love of money is never good.


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