Friday, October 7, 2011

Coming Depression – What it means to me and how can I survive?

As a consumer, before the economic collapse, you could get any service or product that you needed quite easily. You had the choice of buying this product / service, or just jump in the car get to the store and get it! Many analysts believe that the U.S. dollar will decline, rather crash in the near future. Crash of the U.S. dollar would be a historic event. The US dollar has been an international currency of trade since the WWII as the global economy in general and US economy boomed. In contrast, the U.S. economyMore Here...


  1. I don't expect a quick crash. Like a bloodsucking tic the power elite banksters are slowly sucking the life out of us. Death by a thousand cuts. All to meet their goal of a World Central Bank and slavery of everyone on the planet under own umbrella.

    They are brilliant, the sheeple are scared, gullible, and easily manipulated. The game is lost. Protect yourself.

    The protests in Portland are spot-on. Against the Fed, corporate takeover of America, corporate for-profit wars, etc.

    So what is the media reporting? That the protestors are angry about credit card charges. Not kidding. That is what you get when the banksters control everything you hear and see via their media.

    Also, out of 10k+ well meaning protestors one 17 kid spray painted a police car. That is a HEADLINE. Why? Because it is all about disinformation and deceit.

    As G. Carlin said "they got you by the balls".

  2. yep disinfo, using their bought and payed for mainstream media show only what fits their agenda. mishmash of protesters, some righton some yelling for free money, some of those payed to yell for free money? lol. hope the spoton's gain the voice.

    hate ticks, good way to get rid of them, olive or..oil in small bottle, hold over tick for 10-15mins til tick suffocates, as it dies it backs out instead of "spitting" potentially injecting any bacteria/virus. Deet keeps them away to begin with mostly.


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