Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where is American Economy headed?

The American economy has been sputtering along for more than a year now. Unemployment is up, along with the national debt. America is currently at a tipping point. America's deficit and debt is out of control and unsustainable. Once again Obama is crying out to banks telling them they need to lend to boost the American economy. The other day, President Obama said that he had a new plan to create jobs for America. Yes, we've heard that before, but I would submit to you that it was the Obama Administration with all these extra rules and regulations such as Franks Dodds, ObamaCare.More Here..

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  1. There are ALOT of people with plenty of mony and or income,, and they don't give a rats ass about the unemployed people. And they have a secret weapon.

    Inflation,, at the first sign of ANY shortages. They will just let inflation run up 100% or so.

    No problem for them and like I said they don't care if you and your kids starve. HELL go ahead and do them a favor and just die off. They don't need us or will miss us.



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