Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where is the US GDP going?

GDP or gross domestic product is one of the indicators of economic health and stability of the nation. It can also be called the gross national income (GDI), because it calculates the income from production. A report quoting billionaire George Soros, who believes that the Euro might not survive if the Euro Zone does not address the issue of toxic assets, the Euro will continue to weaken. A high unemployment rate and virtually no competition, why not increase the cost of the stamp by another $ 0.02, make it a nickel and put some of the unemployed to work in the post offices. Currently, about 14.4 million people officially unemployed, but the actual number of unemployed is closer to 25.6 million people. High unemployment rate is a anchor on the economy, which doesn’t let the economy rise from it’s knees.

The U.S. economy revealed a low rate of growth in years. This can be attributed to several factors. One is the increase in imports by U.S. To understand the economic boom of the 1950s, it is necessary to appreciate the positive impact that has been confirmed in the Second World War. The basis of economic expansion and growth experienced in 1950 and several years after was laid during World War II. As we ponder back on 2010 and think about what lies ahead for U.S. economy in 2011, there is no shortage of optimism on Wall Street analysts and economists that the U.S. economy continues to grow and recover in 2011. It is a comedy of errors, but a real scenario, where the Consumer Council survey suggested a strengthening of consumer confidence in November, but the U.S. GDP growth has taken a beating in the form of constrained consumer spending.

The combination of falling prices, somewhat improved working conditions and low interest rates, seems to have led to an increase in home sales. The figure of 7.4% was also the highest for nearly three years, that clearly signifies an increased interest and eventually a sustainable recovery in the sector. The American middle class is not growing fast enough, i.e. we have an aging population, but are not having enough children to support and execute our nation and ensure the capacity for good, production and productivity to continue growing our GDP at this rate, but we are not alone. The recession is going to have serious side effects, such as the European debt crisis also arose because of this, resulting in a drop in spending.

The unemployment rate of 2% in October, which is the highest since April 1983 not support the jump in consumer confidence and sales may remain moderate. The recession is going to have serious side effects because European debt crisis has also emerged because of it, which has produced a lower spending.


  1. This is 2011. I am still having my coffee but I pretty sure you made reference to it being 2010.

  2. On the Chris Hayes show this AM, I heard a startling statistics: 85% of college graduates are moving back home because they can't find jobs.

    Meanwhile, consumer spending has come to a standstill because (1) nobody has any extra money and (2) the inflation the government says doesn't exist is taking what money we do have.

  3. Banksters love people going to college. Student loans cannot be relieved by bankruptcy. So they hook in a lifetime debt slave.

  4. vrrrrroooom. here comes mr x. the game is set people. this is are final destiny. if we arent out in streets reaking havic on the government roads we can say good night. ill be out when you are. ill be there where you are. ill be next to you and you by me. now lets fight are way free. come on folks.

    - Sam

  5. raise the postage stamp by a nickel to run the post office in the black then hire thousands of unemployed to work at the post office and end up running in the red again? throw good money at bad, get out of debt with more debt...why raise the postage stamp at all..just drop money from helicopters ..16trillion and counting.
    GDP down. all over the globe.
    what portion of gdp's are made up of derivative manufacturing and shuffling, of what real value are structured investment vehicles, just one of the things that make up this fake economy all over the globe, ghost cities, construction for constructions sake, keep masses busy so as not to riot...what's unsustainable will not sustain, gdp down to whatever's left that's real.


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