Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Degrees That Employers Want

Find out which 6 degrees rank highest in terms of employment.

Come graduation time, the English major, history buff, computer whiz, and business student all look alike in their caps and gowns.

Their job prospects, on the other hand, look very different.

Corporate consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas polled 100 human resource professionals in 2010 to find out which degrees have the best odds of helping students find employment.

If you're contemplating a return to school and deciding what you want to study, read on for the six degrees that rank highest in terms of employment.

#1 - Health Care Degree

Graduates with recession-proof degrees in health care could find great success, according to Challenger. In fact, more than one in four (26.3 percent) HR professionals picked health care as the best bet for job security. Nurses are receiving the most employment offers in this category.

Desirable Degrees:
Physical Therapy
Medical Technician

Average Starting Pay:
Nursing: $52,178
Health & Related Sciences: $35,869

#2 - Business Administration Degree

It's no coincidence that business is booming for graduates with a business degree...it's the most popular bachelor's degree in the country.

Graduating with a degree in business administration puts job seekers in the second strongest position overall, just behind health care, according to the Challenger survey.

Desirable Degrees:
Business Administration
Business Administrative Support

Average Starting Pay:
Business Administration: $44,171

#3 - Computer Science Degree

Computers are an indispensable part of the economy, and so are graduates who study computer science, which ranks as the third most valuable degree in today's employment market.

Desirable Degrees:
Computer Science
Technology Support
Information Technology and Systems

Average Starting Pay:
Computer Science: $61,783
Information Sciences & Systems: $49,318


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