Friday, November 4, 2011

Propose measures to create jobs in the U.S

The Kauffman Foundation for enterprise development proposed to the government action to solve the processing of 700 000 applications for licenses and patents to boost the birth of new businesses and create new jobs in America.

The organization, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of 30 institutions recognized in the nation designed to promote the work of entrepreneurs and innovation, with resources of 2,000 million dollars. In a message to Congress, the director of the Foundation, Brink Lindsey, noted that studies are showing more judicious that the only way to generate net employment in the country is through the creation of innovative companies. Read more......



  2. This website is crap now. You post about 15 articles a day, nobody wants to read all that. The bulk of them are just prolix reiterations. Totally redundant. Give people time to reciprocate their opinions.

    Hey, you should consider saving your site from reaching a readership of zero. Here are some things you'll need to execute:

    - Post a maximum of circa three articles,
    - Stop ACTING neutered in your views,
    - Quit positing idealism. Your sounding like Glenn Beck. We cannot have a recovery until we remove the causes of this mess (paper money being one).

    Jobs are not going to come back. We've allowed corporations, CEOs, and business leaders to continue giving all of our jobs to people in other countries. There are NO jobs being created, only more lost.

    Fact is we do not need anymore businesses to open up. How much more services do Tea Partiers think this country needs!? We have more than enough office cleaners, nail techs, gas stations, food joints, cell phones, truck drivers, car salesmen... list goes on forever.

    There is no wealth being created; just a volatile circulation of paper being the sole purpose of the average dumbass modern American.

    Glenn Beck. What a freaking trickster. "America will make a come back!" Not that he said it like that... of all the things I'll complain about, it's those damn teenagers not working!

    So much bloodshed and hatred in this world, but we must be sure to find the greatest fault at teenagers not wanting to bag groceries.

  3. This site has turned to shit. I'm pretty sure whoever the original moderator was sold it. You can tell. The site is so slick now and just spits out articles that are redundant and uninformative. I guess you can call him a sell-out or just an opportunist. There used to be request for donations all the time. Now they are gone so he must have got a BIG donation which based on his traffic makes sense but ironically I hardly come here anyone and neither will most and it will die a slow death. Sort of like the economy....


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