Monday, November 28, 2011

Reasons For Our Economic Downfall

A brief analysis of our economic condition is provided. The list of problems is of course not exhaustive. Consider, for example, the exorbitant amount of legal fees, litigation, and frivolous advertising in this country that add virtually nothing to our economic well-being, or the insane profits that the few oil companies, banks, and investment firms are making while keeping the rest of us hostage to themselves...

more also need to be said about the banks and Wall Street gambling casinos who through hedge funds, derivatives, and other complicated financial instruments continue to screw the masses for the benefit of the 1% who control the Congress and the rest of the population... or the business schools who train the future generation while entrenched in this morass of greed and self interest without themselves realizing it. Watch the analysis video....

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  1. As a child everyone inherently knows what is good and bad, right from wrong. Growing up in recent times most of us have lost the honesty or learned how to be a self centered ass. The rich and good people who began a political career either slowly kicked values aside or never had them. Everyone with common sense knows a paradigm shift has to occur inevitably. Prepare BFITL, maketime, think NOW. If you were our Govt. you would be homeless & forgotten.


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