Sunday, December 11, 2011

'Bernanke bad for US, Fed head's plan kills recovery'

Economic recovery has slowed down in the United States. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says he's ready to take action if conditions get worse. His proposals involve cutting interest rates to increase economic growth. But some experts say his ideas are not working, and the problem could lie with those in control of the money. Read more....

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  1. Really Hmmmm so how's those 0% rates workin out again?

    So who is spending? the un-employed aren't, except on the usual bills, the workin poor spend the same, the lower 99% are savin as best they can and the retirees are seein their savings sittin still so they sure can't keep spendin except for the usual bills.

    I remember being told about the 3 stools, SS, savings, and a pension (if your lucky to have one) well with 0% on savings one of the legs aren't there now for retirees so they aren't spending.

    The only ones I see spending are the clowns who can't do with out a new Iphone every time it comes out, or the upper 99%'ers

    (BTW I saw a blog that said the 99% is income up to 500K a year, are you S--tin me!, damn than what are people at 50K a year doin in the 99% , smirks)

    So again my little SOB (Smart Old Banker) Bernak how's those super low rates on savers workin out for ya?


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