Monday, December 5, 2011


A very good source reports that the government leaders have been stock piling secret underground war bunker's which are scattered all across the United States. The government has a so called "Pick Up List" in which you are not on it, this list contains the names of those to be picked up and taken to one of the underground bunkers in the event of WAR and possibly Martial Law, we do know that this list contains congress numerous CEO's of CNN, a selective of high level government officials and short list of wealthy elites' and more.

This "Pick up List " does NOT include all levels of law enforcement or high level court officials these underground luxurious war bunkers are not for them, they too will be forced to fend for themselves and their family at the same time they will be expected to maintain peace and order. When the American people are faced with the consequences of war everyone suffers excluding those I just mentioned, so while the police are in slaved to maintain peace and order they will fail to realize there' own family and love one's will suffer the brunt of brutality, they will have to decide which side to defend. Read more....

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