Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top Most 20 Recession Proof Jobs in America Right Now

As the global economy is still reeling from the Great Recession, the unemployment statistics are getting staggering in the U.S. by either historical or normal standards. There are more than 2 million Americans jobless for more than 99 weeks (one reader suggested the actual number of 99ers should be at tripled that). Then, Dr. Doom Roubini further scared everybody yesterday by predicting a 60% probability of a double dip recession in 2012. So this infographic could come in handy providing some clue as to the hottest labor market trend even in a recessionary environment.

If you want to recession-proof your career, the key is to focus on work that continues even when most people don't have disposable income to spend. So while consumers may not hit the mall as often, you can guarantee that people will continue to get sick, pay taxes and use energy. These are just a few of the careers and industries that can be expected to thrive in a down economy.

The firm today issued a study that looked at the professions that have most consistently remained in highest demand over a more than eight-month period dating from November 2007 through July 7, 2008. The good news for those trying to find work in the technology field was that high-tech jobs held down the most Jobfox Top 20 most recession-proof professions including Software Design/Development, Networking/System Administration, Business Administration (Software Implementation), Testing/Quality Assurance, Database Administration and Technology Executive.

Jobfox states that the top 20 most recession-proof professions are:

1. Nursing
2. Software Design/Development
3. Sales Representative/Business Development Read more.....


  1. Just looking at the first on that list you know the person is an idiot whoever wrote it. Nurses have been laid off like crazy in the last few years. Doctors are also going out of business, particularly those with private firms.

    The hospitals get their funding from the insurance companies. As the states can no longer support these hospitals, they will be forced to cut back on or drop employees (mainly nurses), prescriptions, electricty, cleaning crews, the length of stay for patients, or even close down altogether.

    No doubt, this can be seen in many hospitals, and sadly, retarded Americans remain clueless as one hospital closes down, no one questions the mindless in constructing a new one down the street.

    It's almost as ignorant as building new houses. I feel bad for morons who were dumb enough to go to school to be a nurse. They also don't make as much money as people are told. Students like that (not thinkers in any way) only do it because it's easy to become.

    Loser ass country, I'm so sick of this kind of stupidity. I hate America. I hate my country. I hope she bleeds out of her anus.

  2. remember the schooling grab..for court reporters? all over the tube in the 90's. didn't seem to be as large an employer as was sold to be.

    your right. people considering giving away..for healthcare jobs could needs look at dentistry and it's track record during recessions to quickly see the direction of the populace as to where money gets spent then apply that to future job prospects. another healthcare..MSM non connected dot...state funding of hospital etc...states are lowering their funding of many hospitals and as you said, layoffs happen. and as insurance company fund much, are insurance companies doing perfect? if so, why were they allowed to become banks? banks get access to money windows from the gov? so insurance co. might be in a tangle? and...what about healthcare jobs then?

    welcome to the hotel globalism..what's globalism got to do with insurance got to do with healthcare got to do with people spending money? derivatives could be a place to start. wish I could be more hopeful to some but in the end there's only 1 hope. Christ Jesus. the world has got itself into a huge hairball of enter-twined re-rehypothecation, a new currency form will be mandated, much as foretold. save your soul, there is hope. hmm..derivatives market some 700 trillion..or more..value of soul..priceless. price of soul or 700 trillion or the whole world combined or just eating for another year...take door number 1, your soul.


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