Sunday, January 8, 2012

NIA is a Scam -- Do not promote their videos

The NIA has produced a very professional anti-Mitt Romeny video called "The Romney Con" that the NIA hopes will go viral. DO NOT held make that happen. The NIA is the real con! It is nothing more than a front for penny stock pump and dump scams. The NIA does not really support Ron Paul, they merely pretend to support him so they can steal money from those who do. Spread the truth. Circulated this video to warn Ron Paul supporters and prevent them from being ripped off. Watch the video.....


  1. I'm sorry, the Mitt Romney video isn't a scam. They simply show various clips which, when juxtaposed with other clips, demonstrate numerous instances in which Mr. Romney blatantly contradicts himself. They haven't distorted or manipulated anything. They are merely presenting information. It was frankly eye-opening and brilliant.

  2. 7:20..These vids are ONLY to promote their shitty stocks.That way you'll believe how great they are and buy their scam penny junk.


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