Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gerald Celente Predicts Economic Armageddon by 2012

Sell some of your assests i.e. real estate, keep your money at home not in the bank, buy precious metals, buy reseves of food,buy forms of protection, and hope for the best. When not to do this...when oil hits 200 a barrel or greater, when bankholidays(banks lock you out from withdrawing your own money) start happening globally, and when its to late.

A few years back someone who lived in Florida told me the city went from yard to yard and cut down fruit trees in people's back yards, when people complained they were just told it was an accident. There is definitely something happening here where we will be manipulated by our food supply, or the lack thereof. America is not the bread basket of the world anymore. We get wheat from China & remember the pet deaths in 97? it was from Chinese melamine tainted wheat gluten. Read more........

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