Thursday, March 29, 2012

Global economic collapse and one-world government by 2012, says evangelist

Revealed for the first time: The truth about Angels from Heaven … Armageddon … Israel’s Role in Prophecy … The Y2012 Crisis … The Rapture … The Mark of the Beast

THE world as we know is vanishing and will disappear in an earth-shaking series of Year 2012 events that are clearly laid out in prophecies appearing in the Holy Bible for everyone to see.

And contrary to what many clergymen have told their flocks, that God frowns on fortune-telling and has hidden the future from us, an increasing number of religious experts - from Pope Benedict XVI and the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham to hometown ministers from coast to coast - are taking a closer look at Bible passages, prophecies and symbols and using them to predict with startling precision what they are convinced is the shape of things to come.

“This isn’t the time to quibble over what God wants us to know and what He doesn’t want us to know,” Detroit, Michigan-based Dr. Roger Philpen, who is widely believed to have been the first Christian minister to have preached the gospel via short-wave to people in every country on Earth, told me exclusively.

“If God didn’t want us to predict the future and act on it, why did He use over one-third of the Bible to map the future in finely-detailed warnings and prophecies that predict our future? Read more.....

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