Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Collapse Investing: Money and Wealth Preservation During Times of Uncertainty and Instability

With some 403,000 Americans losing their jobless benefits in just the last few weeks, considering some alternative investment strategies may be in order. While traditional stock, bond and cash investments still have a place in today’s economy, so too do strategies that your financial adviser would not only never recommend, but never even contemplate as “investments.” For those who have lost their jobs and unemployment benefits to boot, the S has already hit the fan. The safety net on which millions have come to depend, for all intents and purposes, is progressively being torn to shreds.

Unemployment assistance is no longer sufficient because there are no jobs to make up for those that have been lost, so eventually everyone will run out of these benefits and be left to fend for themselves. That’s tens of millions of people that will have no way of paying their mortgage, their credit card payments, car loans, students loans, monthly utility bills and, most importantly, food (because let’s be honest, $400 in nutritional assistance per month just isn’t going to cut it).

We hate to say it, but had those individuals taken preventative investment and preparedness measures several years ago, when we first recommended our physical commodity investment strategy, they would at least have been able to alleviate some of the pain they are experiencing today – especially the pain in their bellies. Read more.....


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