Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Legislation Targets FDA Raids: “We Have Too Many Armed Federal Agencies and We Need to Put an End to This”

The US Food and Drug Administration, charged with keeping America’s food supply safe for consumption, has gone from regulator to armed enforcer, with the most notable recent actions by the agency focusing on small farmers, retailers and individuals who engage in the illegal practice of … get this … drinking milk directly from the cow. But It’s not just dairy products. The FDA has also targeted fruit and vegetable producers, as well as providers of natural medicines that have been been used for generations to cure everything from constipation to serious medical illnesses.

The crimes are considered so serious that the FDA has deployed armed federal agents and local SWAT teams with complete impunity in an effort to curb the distribution of these dangerous products.

If it were up to the FDA, all naturally grown organic foods and food practices would be criminalized and we’d all be subject to consuming engineered genetically modified foods, synthetic vitamins, and cocktails of pharmaceutical drugs to control our moods and emotions.

As is the case with most federal agencies, the FDA and large mega corporations have an incestuous relationship that has led to extreme regulation of any foods or products that may pose a competitive risk to pharmaceutical companies and large scale food production conglomerates. At the behest of these billion dollar giants, the FDA has taken measures to effectively silence those who would pose a threat to their business model by shutting down businesses and imprisoning their operators. Read more.....

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