Monday, May 14, 2012

Rep. McCarthy: Pushing 300K Children Off Lunch Program To Protect Military Spending Is Trimming The Fat

Yesterday, House Republicans moved legislation forward aimed at preventing any reductions in military spending, even if that means cutting much needed programs for the nation’s poorest. The House Armed Services Committee’s bill provides $554 billion for the Pentagon — $29 billion more than DOD had requested — while the GOP-led Budget Committee packaged six bills that would “slice $261 billion from food stamps, Medicaid, social services and other programs for struggling Americans.”

Last night on Fox News, House Majoriy Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) claimed that the Republicans were just trimming the fat from the budget and getting rid of wasteful spending:

VAN SUSTEREN: But these cuts — I mean, these cuts — I mean, some of the cuts, I mean, just — you know, there are — there’s money sitting in our government. There’s some fat that we can.. some of these cuts. I mean — the fat is incredible! Read more.......

MCCARTHY: Then you would support what we’re doing. That’s we’re doing committee by committee! Read more........


  1. In order to qualify for "free lunch" at school your family would also qualify for food stamps. So what are the mothers doing with the food stamps that are intended to feed the kids??? In my opinion anyone getting food stamps who applies for free lunch should be prosecuted for fraud and child abuse. What in the hell are they doing with the food stamps and other welfare??? Jail time for a few of these welfare cheats would cut the school lunch program back to zero. The taxpayers are getting screwed.

    1. What an incredibly ignorant response. Family of four could get $400 for the whole month. Now, go walk down a grocery store aisle, lets see if your math skills are stronger than your empathy skills

  2. 11:34 Give to the kids, and give to them till it hurts! Cut all of this unnecessary, unconstitional war bull shit out!!!!


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