Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romney created more jobs as governor than Obama did as president

Eric Fehrnstrom, the senior campaign adviser to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, credited the former Massachusetts governor with creating “well in excess of 100,000” jobs as an executive at Bain Capital, and an additional “30,000 to 40,000” in his time as governor of Massachusetts.

“With respect to Mitt Romney’s period of time as the governor of Massachusetts — in that four years as governor he created between 30k and 40k jobs,” Fehrnstrom told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC on Monday. “That is more than President Obama has created for the entire nation. And at Bain Capital, of course the mission was to create value, that’s how the free enterprise system works, but when you create value, when you add value as they did in trying to improve companies, you also add employment, and a rough back-of-the-envelope estimate of how many jobs they created is well in excess of 100,000.”

Romney made a similar claim early in the Republican primary season, but seemed to walk the number down after it was challenged by his GOP presidential rivals. At later points during the cycle, Romney has said he created “tens of thousands” or “thousands” of jobs.

The Romney campaign has not detailed the method it's using to come to these estimates, but critics say Romney is taking credit for jobs created after his tenure, not subtracting out jobs that were eliminated after his tenure, or taking credit for business deals that he had little to do with. Read more......


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