Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're ‘One Recession Away’ From Next Bull Market

Money manager John Mauldin says there's another recession yet to come before the next true bull market.

“We’re still in a secular bear market" which will last another three years, Mauldin told MarketBeat. “We’re only a recession away.”

After that, “we’re going to see the end of this whole debt supercycle, this whole debt crisis,” after which a new bull market will start that will last 15-17 years, says Mauldin.

“We all get to be geniuses in just another two or three years,” he says.

According to Mauldin, the U.S. economy is stalled, and if Europe has a meltdown, that will be enough to drag the U.S. back into recession. Just given the anemic growth itself, he said, a U.S. recession is likely.

Greece’s bank runs are “an endgame” that will probably be enough to tip the U.S. into another recession and force Greece to leave the euro. Read more.....

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