Monday, August 27, 2012

Do It Now – Wait or Die

Stan and I augmented our food supplies this week after thinking we were finished. Finito. Put to bed. Done.

Rethink… Famine is on the horizon and seeing the highest food prices in history should zap your sleepy brain cells. This disaster is propelled by these simultaneous factors:

most importantly, unprecedented Midwest drought and scalding-hot temperatures
crops dying in other world food-producing regions
growing global demand for high quality food
expanding global population
economic collapse in progress and,
persistent demand for ethanol-enhanced fuels.

This prep warning is not limited to food. Not by a long shot.


Before us is the perfect combination for slow death and civil war. Nothing propels society into chaos like seeing children starve and wanting basic necessities. Furthermore, what faces Americans has never been experienced, not by this generation. Not ever. Not in the Great Depression. Not during the Civil War. Read more......


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