Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sing It: Mr. Scam Man – Where Is Your Dream? I Thought My Life Would Be All Peaches and Cream.

Musician Dan Roberts sings a parody of the oldies hit Mr. Sand Man:

Mr. Scam Man, where is your dream?
I thought my life would be all peaches and cream.
Now I don’t have a job and I’m out of money,
And moving forward doesn’t look too sunny.

Scam Man, I’m so alone,
Don’t have a mortgage to call my own.
So much for the roses and clover,
I’m using food stamps to feed ole Rover

Watch the video......


  1. Why blame Obama?

    Bush left a huge mess!

    Obama partly cleaned up Bush's war mess by ordering the Navy Seals to "focus like a laser beam to find Osama."

  2. Uhmmm...because he's the president.

    Just like Bush was blamed for everything prior to Obama.

    If you were hired as a CEO for a company and blamed your predecessor as to why you weren't able to improve your company in 4 yrs (less time in a business) you'd be fired. So, "Bush left a huge mess" is just an excuse that keeps being kicked around to take the focus off of Obama.

    Obama did downsize the Iraq war, but those steps were already in place; he just moved it up a few months. He also put more troops in Afghanistan, which he thought would be a good idea (it's not).

    The fact is...if Obama is willing to take the credit when something good happens during his presidency, he then needs to take the credit when something bad happens. You got to take the good with the bad, it's what leadership is about.

    Obama is forever blaming others; Congress, Bush, so-called rich people, his grandmother, the police that acted stupidly, successful individuals, his supporters


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