Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tweets Reveal Obama Supporters Fueled by ‘Racial Hatred’

Not content with making violent death threats and promising riots if Obama loses, Obama voters have flooded Twitter with racist slurs targeting Mitt Romney and his supporters, an irony given the fact that those who have drawn attention to the death threats being made against Romney have been accused of “race-baiting”.

Chris Matthews followed up last night’s debate by claiming that Romney supporters were fueled by “racial hatred,”yet even a cursory scan of Twitter shows the opposite to be true – Obama supporters are driven by racial hatred, and they’re not afraid of showing it.

When Infowars first highlighted the deluge of violent comments being made by Obama supporters last week, Obama front group Think Progress responded by accusing Infowars and the Drudge Report of “race-baiting” merely for reposting the comments because the majority of Twitter users who made them were black.

Think Progress has been noticeably silent on the issue since the Secret Service confirmed that it was aware of the threats. As we highlighted in two separate articles earlier today, the calls for violence and rioting by Obama supporters continue to pour in. Read more....

While Infowars has attempted to steer clear of the race issue, a cursory search of Twitter shows that Obama supporters have been less restrained. Both black and white Obama supporters are spewing racial hatred targeting Mitt Romney and his supporters.


  1. I think it is a mistake to ignore this or downplay it. There is a 50:50 chance Obama will lose and if these tweets are acted on people will die. Ignoring the obvious threats is not so different from what the administration did in Benghazi and will have similar results.

  2. Just look at how Slush Limbaugh enthusiastically touted the "Magic Negro Parody". Conservatives are so racist that they refer to Obama as the "young" president. What they intend is "boy" president.

    1. Typical comment coming from an ignoramus who shouts racism when one doesn't agree with Obozo's politics. It's so much easier to say; racist, hater, bigot, _____phobe etc... than to debate the real issues.

      Just so you know, President Obama is one of the youngest presidents.


      1. Theodore Roosevelt 42

      2. John F. Kennedy 43

      3. Bill Clinton 46

      4. Ulysses S. Grant 46

      5. Barack Obama 47

      6. Grover Cleveland 47

      7. Franklin Pierce 48

      8. James Garfield 49

      9. James K. Polk 49

      10. Millard Fillmore 50

      Go troll somewhere else.

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