Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Investors Selling the US dollar before COLLAPSE

Investor Jim Rogers urged people to get out of the dollar and says he expects to be rid of all his U.S. currency assets by summer next year.

"If you have dollars, I urge you to get out,'' Rogers said in an interview from Singapore. He is chairman of New York-based Rogers Holdings, formerly known as Beeland Interests Inc. "That's not a currency to own.''

... Rogers, who predicted the start of the global commodities rally in 1999, criticized Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke for comments on the currency before a congressional committee on Nov. 8.

"He is a total fool,'' Rogers said. "He said Americans who buy only American goods are not affected if the value of the U.S. dollar goes down. I was terrified.''

Bernanke said the only effect of a weaker dollar on a typical American with their wealth in dollars, buying consumer goods in dollars, would be "their buying powers, it makes imported goods more expensive.''

Rogers said that's not right.

"If you only buy American products and the dollar goes down, the price of oil goes up, copper goes up, wheat goes up,'' he said. "That affects you. He doesn't understand the economy as far as I can see.''

The Taj Mahal is not accepting Dollars anymore either. .

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  1. We are facing a very severe recession but calling it a depression seems a bit extreme. Ww don't have a technical definition for a depression so it is difficult to identify one.

  2. I have to disagree, I believe we will go into a collapse and a depression much worse than 29 was, all the signs point to it that I can see. Almost all of our real economist have predicted this and so far most have been right about their predictions.

  3. Prime Minister of Canada just stated we will be going into a depression..link to follow

  4. Some are already talking about a complete collapse by June 2009.

  5. Mark, at what point will you be willing to call it a depression? To ignore the warning signs is to follow the same path that this country took into the last great depression.

  6. For those of you who are Christian's....and those of you who are not, read the Book of Revelations, it is right in line with the end times. Like it or not!

  7. Total Economic and Social collapse of the United States , . Your demise has finally caught up with you , the world will be a better place without you . I feel bad for the American hard working workers class , and the families but , yor facist government has ripped you off for 3 decades now , now the bill has come home to Roost , time to pay for your extravagance .

  8. You forget most Americans live better than most of the world. We are a very flexible lot, with a lot going for us. It is written in the bible that money is the root of many evils. This evil as far as I can see, is spread through the whole Earth, even your land. The statement made that, “The world would be a better place without you,” gives me pause. Where do you think we are going? The earth is a small ball with only so many players. Do you think that because we are broke that we will quit being Americans? The power elite of our world is implementing the plan of one world conquest you fool. As far as extravagances go, Americans do not have a worldly appetite for extravagances alone, the gilded palaces of Saddam and the excesses of Dubai, come to mind. You also may have forgotten that almost every American is armed, to some degree. No the ideals and precepts that created America still live. Insurgent movements begin as; “ fire in the minds of men.” the bankers and corporations have already started that fire. It is believed that the moneychangers along with the world power brokers will self-destruct. It has been so for time immeasurable. ~Eagle

  9. I am in total agreement with the person who said that these things are in the book of Revelation, they are also foretold in the book of Daniel. Clearly those who don't believe in all that "bible stuff" are going to be the biggest scoffers, however it is what it is. All of these things are being purposely put in place to usher in the anti-christ. Don't be deceived, the anti-christ will be a man who is filled with the spirit of Satan. His desire is to deceive all of mankind so that they may worship him instead of Jesus. Just continue to watch as your rights are systematically stripped away. The callapse of the dollar is just the first of many steps. This war that is being waged is spiritual but happens to have mankind playing the various roles. Still skeptical? tell me then; why are there now cameras everywhere you go? where is everthing suddenly needing a tracking number? Think about it. Give your lives to Jesus before it's to late he is the ONLY one who will be able to lead us out of this mess!

  10. LOL the book of revelations , if there's anything that caused death and grief on this earth , it's Religion so d'ont bable shit to me about books of the holy and revelations ,What i meant is that , Without Americ'as financial model ruling the world it will be a pleasant life , i know about the NWO , the root is in the USA from what i gather ...........

  11. A little debit chip on your person is your destiny; after you take it, your life will be anything but pleasant. If you feel that after American financial dominance, life will settle into a pleasant dream state, you are a goofball. ~ Eagle


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