Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Great Depression has Arrived- Collapsing American Dreams

It almost seems amusing that we are still discussing the “coming” depression because of the fact that it is already arrived and settling in. Really, what this entire new “era” is all about is watching our dreams deteriorate right before our eyes.

Want to hear what the real world is like today? Country star John Rich dramatizes this well in his new song, “They're Shutting Detroit Down.”

John Rich – “They're out there losing millions and it's up to me and you to come running to the rescue. Well pardon me if I don't shed a tear/they're selling make believe and we don't buy that here/cause in the real world they're shutting Detroit down, while the boss man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town/DC's paying out the bankers as the farmers auction ground/while they're living it up on Wall Street in that New York City town, here in the real world they're shutting Detroit down.”

My favorite line is – “the boss man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town.”

Wow! All these collapsed dreams! All the thousands of baby boomers with calloused hands looking at 50% reduced portfolios. What's a mother to do? Well, there's always Wal-Mart. And McDonalds needs someone to keep their tables clean. And let's not forgot The Waffle House. An old trusted stand in. Work as a short order cook for 60 hours a week. The opportunities are endless for those with empty bank accounts.

It seems that the majority of us are just not destined to move forward. How many thousands of thousands of heads of households are looking at the devastation of their 401K portfolio? It's not easy to forget the glory days of the past as they lose their home and lose their savings. I see eventually Hooverville shacks lining vacant lots. Made up of cardboard and bits of old trash taken from local garbage. This is our future?

“The Federal Reserve on Wednesday sharply downgraded its projections for the country's economic performance this year, predicting the economy will actually shrink and unemployment will rise higher.” “The bleaker outlook represents the growing toll of the worst housing, credit and financial crises since the 1930s.” “…unemployment—now at 7.6 percent, the highest in more than 16 years—will keep climbing and stay elevated for quite some time, the Fed predicted.”

All the stimulus packages will ultimately bring hyperinflation. In a year, in two years? What does the time line really matter? This is the middle class and the poor class. This financial crisis has been predicted for quite some time. Still, when it actually occurs there is no way you can be totally emotionally prepared. And like a boulder rolling down hill it will only continue to grow worse in the foreseeable future.

“The US government may have to nationalize some banks on a temporary basis to fix the financial system and restore the flow of credit, Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman, has told the Financial Times. In an interview, Mr. Greenspan, who for decades was regarded as the high priest of laisser-faire capitalism, said nationalization could be the least bad option left for policymakers.” “…policymakers across the political spectrum appeared to be moving towards accepting some form of bank nationalization.” “If nationalization is what works, then we should do it.” Link

Is this economic collapse going to continue? Will the world wide economy continue to go down hill? There is a continuing global imbalance in the world that only continues to increase in size. Production and industry will always be the real key to a country's long term and real prosperity. Is the US going to be able to continue to service its growing debts? Few can really comprehend the fate that lies ahead for the North American group of nations.

The collapse in employment is across the board and affecting all industries. Only in the health care sector and social aid has there been any increase and demand for employment. 2009 is expected to be a bad year for employment losses. Probably, the unemployment numbers are even higher than the government statistics state. America 's problems continue to be the result of the expansion of the money supply. Instant gratification with the tragic results further down the corner. And there just isn't the increase in productivity the increase of the money in circulation needs. Many professional jobs continue to leave this country making the unemployment figures higher. Corporations are responsible for expanding work visas allowing many foreigners to come to the US and work in the technical sector competing for computer programming and engineering positions. Cheaper foreign labor.


  1. Cheaper foreign labor in the engineering field-is just naked lie, lie and nothing but lie. All foreing workers pass through the labor certification process and are not allowed to have wages less than defined for American workers.

  2. The unemployment numbers are PROBABLY higher than what the government states??? It's at least double.

    Very, very hard times are ahead.

  3. mmmmmmmmmm Took prayer out of school. Put judges on the bench, who allow doctors to kill babies. Porn out of control. Money is
    your God. Judges who allow gay marriage.
    and on and on...... Washington and our Courts
    do not get it. We have a God! His name is Jesus! We must stop abortion,porn. Jesus will forgive us if we do.
    If we do not turn our hearts
    back to the Lord of Israel, All your talk about money will mean nothing!!!! Just ask
    James Van Patten

  4. There is no restriction of credit. It is flowing. You just have to be credit worthy. Therin lies the problem. There are very few people, companies or local governments that are worthy. They are in debt and more debt does not fix the problem. Getting out of debt is the solution. And that will be painful for our economy.

  5. Jogleaso your comment is right on!
    Good Job!
    James Van Patten

  6. Get out of debt people. It is your own fault. Why did you sell your soul to the banks. Those that saw this coming with the worship of money decided to not go into debt and will weather the coming storm. Tried to tell people but they bought into the American Dream which is a nightmare that they are waking up to now.

  7. Be prepared to kill others who will try to rob you of what little you have . Plastic will be a priceless antique that people will kill for.....

  8. This manufactured crisis is to enable the dark forces to further there cause of global government,one world army and eventually a microchipped population..wake up people or get woke up!!!

  9. what do homosexuals have do to with this whole thing? or porn? what does god have to do with it? its not about religion - its about a money system based on interest!

  10. A reply to anonymous: If you would take the time to pick up the bible and actually read it, you would find out that all of this was predicted a long time ago, and the solution to the mess we are in, is also in the bible. One thing that is in the bible, is ever since the beginning of man, man has turned on God and worshipped false Gods, such as money and inaniment objects. Every time man takes his worship to an extreme, while forgeting the word of God, or denying his existance, God sends down hail, brimstone, plague, and war on man just to get mans mind right again. You haven't seen anything yet, it is going to get so bad, you will be begging God for relief, but it will be tolate for you then! Now is the time to show your faith to the Lord, now is the time to spread Gods word to your children, to prepare a place in heaven for them. If you only read one chapter in the bible read revelations, this should be obvious as to what time frame we are entering right now in our world, our life. Find God now or perish in hell forever.

  11. The doom & gloom prophecies of the bible have been taken into account for every crisis since then. Believe me, I believe in god - but I cannot find him speaking in the bible! God I know does not punish nor does he give rules to follow - he simply gave us the gift of freedom. You, dear anonymous, are also free - and by that self responsible for all your actions and beliefs! "Perish in hell forever" - wow! Do you seriously believe in this? What a pityful being you are!
    All I see is priests, that sexually abuse kids, or deny the holocaust. I see a pope who used to be a Hitlerjunge, with eyes so obviously lacking love that it makes me shiver...
    OK then, go to hell or to heaven - I prefer to stay out of both!

  12. the way: I was raised experiencing a bible swinging "Jehovas Whitness"-grandfather of mine - until I found the porn in his cabinet, I even believed him and felt utterly guilty everytime I masturbated!;))))

  13. Economic analyst,
    How fortunate you are not to be one of those pathetic baby-boomers who has seen their retirment savings go down the toilet in the wake of the Buzsh Administration's trillion dollar a year single minded devotion to the Pentagon and its 'war on terror.' Have you been heavily invested in Halliburton and its subsidiaries, in Blackwater, in Big Oil? How smug you sound about the global economic collapse brought to us by the Republican Party and their Democratic enablers in Congress.

    We are just now seeing what their laisser-faire policies have wrought with record lay-offs, the collapse of the banking industry, the forclosures of millions of homes, etc, ad nauseum. There may well be no way to avoid ruin. But Hooverville shacks? I doubt it. As long as we remain brainwashed by "American Idol" and the soft sell of the evening news, the notion that millions of homeless and jobless will set up shop in DC is, at best, wishful thinking. This is 2009 not 1929. We have been conditioned by 50 years of mass media into docility, to accept virtually anything we are told by "experts" and policy makers. Mass movements protesting government policies are a thing of the past.

    Re: John Rich.... the fat cats may be leaving on jet planes, but to where?

  14. Lets go to war against the machine. lets turn this world up side down. You are all guttless pukes. Long live Timmothy McVey.

  15. I am very disturbed by the hate and violence in some on the postings. We should all prepare ourselves to learn to do what the Amish have done for years. We need to educate ourselves to grow our food, learn to live with less and only consume what we actually need.I was fortunate to learn as a child how to do this. If you know how to grow your food and your neighbor does not share your knowledge. If your neighbors are in need share, even if you have to live off of weak soup. Greed is what has led to our economic problems. We should not let fear control us. We all need to use our intelligence to follow our instincts and faith to survive. College education may be great but common sense prefails in times of dire need. Neighborhoods need to pull together to solve the issues at hand and we may need to go back to becoming self sufficient in our communites and helping our neighbors, too.Just as an example of this, when Kentucky was hit by an ice storm and without electricity for weeks people learned how to make do and who was there to help?, their neighbors the Amish, shared with their neighbors and showed them how to survive without electricity. Plant seeds of kindness and not hate. Each American has the responsibilty to do this.

  16. Where are the rich flying off to when they flee the chaos??

    Perhaps Paraguay?

    Seems George W. Bush purchased 100,000 acres in Paraguay.

    Plus, if W. doesn't have room for all his friends, there are always the residual Nazi encampments.

    Maybe some of the people "renditioned" were actually diverted to these places so they can be the servants.

    It's all about class and returning to the class system where the average wealthy family had 40 or 50 servants.

    Only by wiping out people's money can the uber-rich force educated middle-class Americans to become their personal servants.

    I suppose if I lost my home and had nothing to eat, I'd be willing to be a laundress or a cook or a maid or a gardener or whatever I needed to do to have a roof & 3 square meals a day.

    Hmmm... the only other reliable place for that (roof & 3 meals a day) is PRISON!!!!!

  17. Excellent point Anonymous! Have you noticed our prisons have been filled to the max for many decades. This is the solution to cheap labor for the government and Corp. giants. We the people think the system is operational but actually it only benifits the wealthy and powerful under the guise of justice! Notice also the wealthy and so-called professional criminals serve behind different prison walls far less restrictive in every manner. I have never served time or ever been arrested or in trouble with the law. Nevertheless, we all may be in danger of such if the government decides to justify itself in controlling and confronting the masses in this floundering economy.

  18. Welcome to the consequences of enslaving/parasitical thinking. The beauty of this meticulously crafted cosmos is that there are no victims. The people most devestated (poor, middleclass) are of the same criminal/psycopath thinking. The only difference is that you weren't strong enough to be at the top.

    Had you not been psycopaths like the rich, you would not have accepted or been fooled by fellow skilless psycopaths that talk shiny words but don't demonstrate advanced mental,physical and spiritual power. (Ex. you would have laughed at ludicrous exploitation and cheating such as "investing" (making money without labour); "capitalism" (rewarding the unrestrained with more and more pillage rights, after all shouldn't it be the most restrained that if anything gets the most money"; a "socitey", an alleged system of cooperation that the survival/infrastructure/etc level yet with no planning/transparency/etc; restrictions on the most ludicrous of things, but no restriction on reproduction/over population - after all only a psycopath fails to grasp that a closed sphere (the earth is a close sphere!) has some limits in terms of space; the list can be extended much longer.

    Had you not been of the same psycotic mentality (only much weaker) you would not have reproduced when you yourself know nothing of reality or surviving. Had you not been fellow psychopaths like the politicians/bankers/business men/ and variety of 'take orders for paper (money)' minions who's jobs you dream about and would gladly fill and maintain the status quo, you would not even let yourself be attracted to the opposite (or same) sex just because they have genitals that key-lock your genitals for pleasure. You would have held everyone including your sexual (i need genitals no matter what) opposite, your parents, friends, associates, children, etc to moral standards. But you didn't because you are of the same criminal mentality.

    Tell me, what is it about the opposite (or same) sex that attracts you when they tolerate and contritube to the state of evil in the world. You don't see that though. Why? Because: GENITALS, GENITALS, GENITALS - important stuff. It doesn't matter that the object of your attraction works for evil, tolerates evil, engages in evil by continuing the system as long as the object of your attraction stimulates your genitals a bit because of course you are just that pathetic.

    Now that your LOSS is concretely settling in to your psycopath perceptions, you whine about the very "i'm special, i can ravage anything i want" attitudes that you created, encouraged, participated and defended.

    You didn't know that 'competing' (FOR SURVIVAL, not for best-qualified gets meticulous,sensitive jobs as should be) implies winners and losers? You didn't know this? You were okay with it because you thought that your pathetic weakness could amass a win. Therefore you never protested what was obviously incorrect. The very notion of society implies cooperation as the survival/infra-structure/essentials level which in turn implies that you can't ravage anything you want expressly for your petty gain at the cost of the whole. Anything can be a form of raveging if done like a psycopath. A common example that few fail to see is reproduction. Reproduction is not a right. You can't reproduce simply because you'd like to indulge in mini me fetishes.

    If you don't want this, then we have a free-for-all. But here's the thing legions of psycopaths that have reproduced out of control, here's the thing. In free for alls, you might end up like what you've ended up with now. So STFU and take your loss you hypocrite. Here's the other thing about Free for alls. You (or any other psycopath) don't get to set your own personal level of competitive confort. You'll soon find out that other's have set levels of competive confort (just like what you attempted to do but failed) that are higher then yours, therefore they will prey off you (just like you attempted to do). Enjoy. If you wan't to group, you don't get to chose your level of competitve confort. This is illogical. You must choose the highest good. But none of this blatant hypocracy went noticed by the legions of psycopaths that over reproduced.

    In this case, the legions of psycopaths (most likely you) took mercy (social welfare, not being eradicated for your possessions by stronger people, etc to be a liscense to further leach, to further indebt the welfare program so that more and more must be poured in to keep it going untill the people needing welfare (clueless psycopaths, that have the audacity to reproduce while not knowing anything of the stability of their government, planet, work/labour order, food supply order, other basic essentials, etc)

    Here's a clue psycopaths. The earth is a finite volume with finitie limits and finite regeneration rates. What this means primarily is that you can't overpopulate so you can indulge in personal more-advanced-pet / mini-me fetishes. Did you think you could reproduce because you know how to follow psycopath orders for papers (money) and that you know how to go the store and slide your plastic card to acquire materials that you know nothing of their manufacutring/sustainabilty/etc/etc.

    The truth is that all (vast majority) you whiners are of the same criminal mentality. The only difference is that you thought you were hot sh!t smart@ss that could outswindle everyone else and grab your share of the corrupt pie.

    Unfortunately for you, it was never genuine righteousness that made the nicities of the world happen. It was merely the creator's awesome/masterful power of creation combined with you psycopaths mutually keeping each other in check/at bay (while giving yourselfs a mask/paint job of "human values", "caring", "freedom", etc) that accounted for any progress at all.

    ENJOY THE UNVEILING. Had you not been psycopaths many (if not most) of these problems would have been solved 10,000s of years ago when people first decided to group (with all the logical entailments of grouping). All of you, have had many many lifetimes in group form to grasp that grouping means "surprise, surprise" that you can't ravage anything you want expressly to satisty your boundless greed for materials/control and by extension musn't be tricked or support or follow those that do. Many of you who devote each lifetime to merciless exploitation of anything you can get your hands on, would have lived under other painful depressions, revolutions, regimes, rulers, etc and been part of their evil. You would have been psycopaths that in mass followed the orders of fat people with lots of papers (money) to fight each other in large armies while they sit back and laugh at your gullibility and stupidity and greed. Many of you would have been living under the plagues of Europe for example that you again through your own fault brought onto yourselves. Many of you would have lived under floods, droughts, wind storms, water storms, sand storms, earthquakes that you failed to see coming or easily prepare for or get out of the way, because of your complete dedication to exploiting everything you can reach and reaching constantly farther while ignoring all limits and boundaries and nature/god/creator/source itself.

    ENJOY THE UNVELING. What's more, is that the more you devote yourself strictly to self gain at the expense of others (after having supposedly agreed - society - to do the exact opposite), the less, advanced knowledge and wisdom is picked up internally by you. In turn this means that your conciousness and by extension your fine energy component that keeps being recycled back to earth or any suitable planet so you can learn to not be a psycopath, develops very little which by the mathematical/physical laws of the cosmos entails that you are sent back to earth in maybe 5/20/50 years after death to taste the feces you helped contribute to. Whereas a lifelong meditating, scientist monk for example, might be back in 500/1000/2000 years and skim through the hells you pysocpaths willfully create. What's even more is that by virtue of cause and effect, "karma", etc calculations, the greedy/biased/animal psycopath might be born in an abusive familty that feeds them lolypops for lunch to match the parents recklessness with the child perverted insides. The righteous/logical/fair/etc person though might however be born in a stable household that has frech food to serve, and that is made to exercise mentally and physically and therefore develop uncrippled like many children are now developed.

    ENJOY THE UNVEILING. Not only must you suffer now, but also in the future unless you change your despicable biased, insane ways. You didn't actually think you could get away with your evil did you now. ROFL.

  19. The people of the US had better prepare to rise up and murder the villians who run this nation. The are building concentration camps right now!!Want to know why? The Chinese are going to demand products rather than worthless currency for their money. Guess what? You are going to be the ones forced to work out the trillions plus interest!! You do not believe that this is going to happen? Well at the last big G8 meeting the US high command disussed selling off key cash generating components of our infrastructure to the Chinese. I figure that those most vital to our national survival will be the ones that they will take.(oil productiona copasity, major transportation hubs, key ocean shippig hubs, etc.) once they get these however, the generated revenue will not be enough. That is when they will force our own government to move against US! Get armed and ready for it average citizen of the US!

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