Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gerald Celente : When Commercial Real Estate Crashes There’s Going to Be No Bottom

The discussion with Gerald Celente includes:

* Broad economic trends
* The 2nd American Revolution
* Media consolidation
* The war on drugs
* The commercial real estate collapse

Listen below:



  1. "If people lose everything they start losing it." I know as I've heard it a hundred times from him. I didn't even listen to the audio. But I'm sure this sentence is in there. "If there names would be Celente, Caruso,....". LOL

  2. "If their names...". Sorry, will never happen again. LOL

  3. You say it won't happen again...

    but how do we KNOW.

  4. Oi Vey do you believe this Celente guy?
    I mean WHO KNEW right?

    Oi Vey

  5. Talked to a good client today with a retail store. They haven't paid their rent in 3 months. They said store traffic is down to nothing and the other stores in the "mall" are dead too. It's in a very wealthy area but everything is drying up.

  6. Folks here is what is realy happening. Commercial real estate is not going to crash because the economy is growing again, unemployment is going down, retails sales jumped 2.7% more that economists(they are real economists not the fake one you have here) predicted, business confidence is at its highest, consumer spending is rising and etc etc etc.....

    please wake up there is no collapse.

  7. Anonymous... all i can say to that last post is : ROTFL !!!!! seriously, im rolling on the floor laughing at YOU ! You must be the Kool Aide Czar, cuz you sure have been drinking a lot of it to post something like that!!! lol!

  8. 7:17 your views are from the kaysian economics theory or grade school, perhaps grade 4. Outdated and out of sync. You may want to educate yourself by reading every post here. Stop making a complete FOOL out of yourself daily..

  9. In order to get to the future, the bridges to the past must be burnt.

    Things are collapsing, but the more you know about the past... do you really want it to continue?

    Humantity is ready for a quantum leap. You know this, you feel it, and it is unexplainable. The simple truth is... something BIG is on the horizon.

    Buckle up, for you live in interesting times.

  10. I live in Miami, Fl and commerical real estate is taking a beating. There are for sale or lease signs everywhere. Small businesses are being hit the most. I've lived here 30 years and have never seen anything like this.

  11. Here is a short list of businesses closing around the USA this month:

    September 16 , 2009

    Dollar / Thrifty to close more locations

    Gladys Young Closing Car Dealership

    Corsicana Window Factory closing by Sept 25

    September 15 , 2009

    Update: Hale's Department Store in Michigan closed today

    Update: Metaldyne Corporation to completely close Operations in Whitsett by Dec

    Cameron Family Glass Packaging Company

    Lyondell Basell to close Plant in England

    Audio - Visual Video Center in Lincoln NE

    Beverly Hall Furniture Store

    Algabar in LA

    Salvation Army to close 2 Louisville Thrift Store

    Spain Plans to Close New Orleans Consulate

    Nikki Beach Resort closes?

    Giant Foods Closing Tollgate Mall Store

    Update: Altus Pharmaceuticals winding down operations

    Blockbuster May Close 960 Stores by 2011

    Oklahoma - Budget Cutbacks Result in Small Town Police Departments Closing

    Courtesy Automotive Team closing Sept 30

    Goodwill Store in Madison

    Cici's Pizza Restaurant closed

    The Exchange Store in Halifax

    September 14 , 2009

    Village Bank Closing 3 out of its 4 Branches

    Myers Industries to close 2 Plants - Cut 158 Jobs

    Sick Stegmann Inc closes - 38 jobs gone

    Blockbuster in Billings closing this week

    RBS - Closing Overseas Commercial Unit

    Kohler Plant in Searcy Closing by Nov 25 - 57 Layoffs

    The Museum Shop in Aurora

    Philadelphia to close all Free Public Libraries Oct 2??

    New Knox County - Plan New Central Library and close 8 others

    Elizabeth's Elegant Bridal

    Star Surfing Company

    The Red Wing Shoe Store in Great Falls


    September 13 , 2009

    Atlantic City Casino may be in Jeopardy of Closing

    Leisure Time Pet and Hobby

    Microsoft Closes ACES Studios?

    Columbia Power Sports


    September 12 , 2009

    Gallery Arts in Downtown Roseburg

    Eno Cabinet Works - Closed Aug 28th

    Metro Community Provider Health Clinic in Bailey

    Arvin Sango closing Merced Plant

    CSL Plasma in Huntington

    Spec's Wine and Spirits Closing Store


    September 11 , 2009

    Tweed Store

    Liberty Thrift to close Gilbertsville Location

    Business Bank to Close Lynden Branch

    Belstone Gallery

    Stacy's Men Shop in Alma

    Olive May Natural Foods

    Pops Tunes

    Cats Music and DVDs

    Fjord's Ice Cream Shop in Rapid City

    Zender's Store closing Sunday

    Destiny Foundation

    Dell Closing Twin Falls Call Center - 500 layoffs

    Youth Development Center in Milledgeville Possible Closing


    September 10 , 2009

    Constellation Brands Inc. to close Widmer Winery in Naples

    Davidson Cornelius Day Care Center in Jeopardy of Closing because of the economy

    Massachusetts Considers closing 4 Prisons

    Sonoco Closing its Orrville Ohio Plant by March 2010

    Piscataqua Fine Arts in Portsmouth

    Dow Chemical to close Freeport Texas Plant

    Pfeiffer Foods

    Westside Pharmacy in Seattle closing but maybe Open Another Store??

    L'lle de France - General Store

    Guise Chic Store Possibly Closing

    Balkamp closing Plant - 100 jobs lost

    UBS to close NYC Art Gallery in October

    Bank of America to close Thomaston Branch

    Update: 57 Heaven Auto Museum

    Artisan Furniture LTD

    Cost Plus World Market Closing Store - 17 job losses result

    AET closing Terre Haute Facility

    Tremont Goodie Shop

    Santa Clara VTA - Bus and Light Rail Cuts / Service Reductions

    High Points Coffee closing 3 stores

    SGCI Communications closed last Week

    Spartech Corp closing Lockport NY Plant

    Cessna closing its Bend Oregon Facility

    Bosco Group Home ( International )

    Starbucks Located in Upper Marlboro

  12. September 9 , 2009

    Natural Bridge Juvenile Correctional Center to close? 68 Jobs at risk

    Jax New Orleans Bistro closed

    Sullivan's Metropolitan Grill closing Sat

    Monahan Filaments to close Middlebury Plant - 69 layoffs resulting

    Ride the Ducks Conducts Last Tour of Baltimore on Labor Day. Shutting down for good??

    Victor Valley Museum may close

    Uniquely Ohio Store

    GM considers 3 Plant closures in Europe

    3 Portland Restaurants to Close

    New Breed Logistics closing Kansas City Office - lays off 53

    Wolfgang Puck Express

    Update: Dillard's at Desoto Square Mall Closing Nov 3

    Denver Library Plans Cut - Closing Byers Branch

    Shell Gas Station in Central Lonsdale ( International )

    Embarq to close Call Center - 65 job losses

    Katie's Pretzels in Carr Mill Mall

    Hamann's Variety Store

    Konocti Harbor to close in November for how long?? - 700 Layoffs may result

    Botetourt Correctional Center closing

    Menasha Utilities Steam Plant Closing Oct 9 - 20 Layoffs

    22 Kmarts and 6 Sears Stores to Close this Fall

    Sutton Motors

    Meeker's Hardware to Close for 5 months

    September 8 , 2009

    Buell Motorcycles to Temporary close East Troy Plant

    Harley Davidson plans to close Wauwatosa and Franklin Centers by Sept 25

    6 California D. Violence Shelters Closing

    Tartan Athletic Club at Corazon Closes Temporary?

    The Stereo Store in Eugene

    BASF to close German Nylon 6 Plant in 2010

    Shaw Industries closing Plant DX in Ringgold Georgia - 430 possible job losses

    Sam's Wine and Spirits Closing Highland Park Store

    Palm Desert Country Club

    Big Monkey Comics to Close

    MEMC Electronic Materials closing Sherman Texas and St. Peters Mo Plants. - 540 Job Losses Resulting

    Boston University's GSU Post Office Set to Close

    Huntsman Corporation to Close Australian Styrenics Operations

    September 7 , 2009

    Big Surf Water Park possibly closing for good?

    El Dia, Houston's Spanish Newspaper Ends Publication

    The Raven's Journey

    Hamzi's Family Restaurant

    Hulett & Sons Jewelers in Hackett's Store closing

    Chief Grocery Store

    Update: Mercury Marine to close Oklahoma Plant within 2 years

    September 6 , 2009

    Boardman Township Rotates Closing Fire Stations to avoid layoffs

    Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries District 4 Office to close

    Gina's Clothing Store

    Belonging Furniture & Accessories to be closing

    September 5 , 2009

    The Grey House Grill Closing for Good?

    Meriwether Restaurant

    Chatfield Balloon Festival closing down

    Akron Thermal LLP Closing..City taking over?

  13. September 4 , 2009

    Addam's University Bookstore

    Phelps's Shoes & Repair

    Monsanto's Closing Chatham Facility next May

    Farmington Valley Art Center

    Rexam closing Florida Foam Dispensing Facility

    Hair Salon at University of Alabama

    National Recycling Coalition

    Embraq Call Center in New Bern closing - 100 layoffs

    Fuller's Jewelers


    September 3 , 2009

    Update: Sarasota News and Books Closing

    Foster's Furniture

    Sun-Times Group closing Northfield Plant

    Doppelganger ( International ) Closing 2 Call Centres

    Doc's Steakhouse closed Sunday

    Time Warner Cable Shuts down Fayetteville Call Center

    Raytown Post closing

    Reverb closed Sheffield Store (UK)

    Starbucks closing Western Crossing Store

    Guided By Grace in Adrian Michigan

    Dixie Pallets closed forever?

    Bridal Galley of Franklin

    The Super Dollar Store


    September 2 , 2009

    City of Fort Worth looking at closing Pools, vs Closing Libraries next year

    Valley Christian Academy

    Post Office Narrows Possible Office Closures to 413

    Rexam Beauty and Closures

    OfficeMax Contact Center to close

    Covello Motor Company

    Lezzer Lumber Store in Grove City

    Hunter Furniture Company in Birmingham

    Kmart closing Glen Burnie Store by Mid Nov - 80 layoffs resulting

    Devil Dog Factory Store in Zebulon , NC

    Bexar County closing 3 buildings

    BioDelivery Science International to close laboratory in Newark NJ

    Pacific Rail Systems closes Memphis Office - 118 Jobs Lost

    Shoony's Restaurant in Picayune, Miss.

    Bobcat Co. to close Bismarck Plant

    Powerhouse Gym in Saginaw Township closed

    Librarie de France in Rockefeller Square closing

    Shaw's Candy and Ice Cream

    Stein Mart in Downtown Clearwater

    TTM Technologies Inc - Closing 2 Plants


    September 1 , 2009

    Picher Oklahoma - Many City Offices Closing

    Some Peaberry Coffee Stores in Denver closing

    YB Meats at Normandie Center Closed

    Smith's Furniture closing 2 locations

    Maysteel to close Menomonee Plant - 190 layoffs

    Aubuchon Hardware in Vermont

    GTE Federal Credit Union closing The Jasper , White Springs and Lake City Branches

    The Piggy Wiggly is not closing Dublin Store

    Commentary Art Dealers of Dallas closing Art Lab

    GM to close 46 Canadian Saturn Stores by Year End

    Mickey's Hallmark in Farmington

    2 Blockbusters closed in Albuquerque

    Wal-Mart Closes its New Britain Connecticut Store

    University of California Closing Sacramento Center

    Around 100 California State Parks to be Closed after Labor Day

  14. My company has been profitable for 30+ years except this year. We are downsizing 60%. Many 15+ year employees being laid off. The ones that stay get a 25% across the board pay cut. We have explained to them the reality of the situation. Not being greedy but doing what we need to in order to survive a little longer.

    Unless the REAL economy improves by next spring we will be closing down and another 45 people will be unemployed. REAL meaning not the crap they are spewing on TV. We don't have the government handing us billions of taxpayer money.

    Half the offices around us already have lease signs up. Every moving van you see is moving people out, not in.

    The commercial real estate collapse is going to be absolutely horrific. Plywood for the windows will surely be a top seller.

    It is heartbreaking to layoff people you have worked with for many years, very stressful. Not all employers are heartless. We are just trying to survive and you cannot do that with overhead and payroll with no business coming in the door.

  15. 10:49 I hope everything works out positively for your company, that is really too bad for you and your employees.

  16. 10.49 , my parents are also in Business , they have seen 4 recessions and , well they,ve never seen it this slow NEVER this bad, they employe only 1 other employee hes my brother , the apprentice heheh in the Plumbing/Water treatment and Heating business(all aspects) , He now the only plumber in town and people are calling him to do even the basic repairs , so what are people doing ? Only god knows becasue furnaces and boilers need parts to run and here in Canada , standards are very very very strict (if the electrical or gas meter man sees something faulty he calls the inspector at ONCE and the appliance is shut down and tagged til it is serviced or repaired !!), and need a technical mindset to fix them , so no parts and service means no heat or water this winter for many aparently . and i doubt people are learning the skills needed to do the job themselves , but ia am sure this depression or collapse will sure kick a few people in the head to get them to learn how to do basic home/mechanical repairs , i very hop so because its going to be a very long and cold winter for them !!

  17. Thank you cee for those posts. Very informative.

    I don't agree with 9:33 at all.
    There is no 'QUantum leap' , there is no change, no new laws period.

    In fact, we live in a time of complete regression/transgression and outright moral insanity.

    The golden rule will always be the same and in full effect, and that's the only law there is.

  18. Celent really does very well at spotting trends, but like one of you guys mentioned, his "when people have nothing to lose, they lose it", "i'm a bronx boy", I'm a political atheist", "if their names were ... (italian suffix)" references are really getting tiresome.

    BUT... I once heard him in one of his myriad of these carbon-copy interviews refer to the "Zionists". It then became clear to me who this guy is.

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