Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is Your Life About To Change Drastically?

But more important to your well being is to realize - this scenario means - the separation of the value of paper gold and real gold. You will have a heck of a time getting your hands on hard metal. And most of the people you know will have stored none of this new (old) money.

Don’t get me wrong, gold and silver will have a dollar equivalency, so you will be able to make exchanges. You will still be able to go to Kitco and get the spot price for precious metals. But the Central Bank manipulation game will be crumbling; supply and demand will dictate pricing and it won’t be pretty for many. You won’t be able to buy an Eagle anywhere. You can order it, but you won’t be able to get immediate delivery. You’ll pay up front with no committed delivery date - only estimated.

Fair market value for products and services will be up-in-the-air as well. For example, a truck (valued at $25,000 in 2007 dollars) might bring $10,000 or $6.500 or $14,000. Depending upon how useless the truck has become to the owner and how desperate he is for cash. You might be able to hire a $25.00 / hour carpenter for $50 per day. You might buy a $250,000 (2007 pricing) property for $100,000. The price for products and services will be - whatever you can get!

Forget about dollars. I might be able to exchange two of my ($395 cost) Krugers and a couple rolls of [silver] quarters for the truck. And both parties would be pleased with the sale. One pre-65 dime might buy a loaf of bread; a quarter might buy a T-bone steak; a silver dollar - a bag of groceries. I can see the carpenter willing to work under the table for a silver quarter per hour. Still receiving unemployment in paper dollars, he/she wants some ‘real’ money for the family. Gold and silver will be in greater demand than paper dollars. You will go to the front of the line if you are buying in either.

What kind of world would this be? Pension plan failures leaving millions of retirees without income, 25%+ unemployment leaving millions of young families in dire straits, the Dow at 5,000, bond market failure, further collapse in the residential housing market, unbridled monetization, state defaults, collapse of the division of labor, $7.00 gasoline, high food prices, abandoned malls, abandoned sections of cities, rationing of necessities, and a lot of social unrest. This world will leave the average citizen in a heck of a bind; desperate for day-to-day necessities. They will have lost their purchasing power; lost control of their lives.
Does this sound absurd? Do you think you just read the ranting of some nut? Is there a doctor in the house? Study the charts - study history - open your eyes. The status quo is history. We are in transition. Get ready. Don’t freak out - just get ready! If you want to preserve some personal/family wealth, then get out of the dollar - fast! In our immediate future, if you want to purchase items of value - you will need to exchange something of value. I’m betting on gold or silver?
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  1. I believe it all but it wont happen yet. Not until 2012 will the dollar etc crash. I am however already preparing with PM's and survival equipment. So many people that eont be prepared are in so much trouble. Its a dog eat dog world and i will have alot bigger teeth than them!

  2. I am stunned by the votes on the right! People still believe the government media lies? There are still dumb sheep walking this earth? Are people that STUPID? Its strange when they see the government steal out of their pocket on a daily basis and the still trust them!

  3. It is funny what you get when you call or email a contractor right now

    Instant response

    No one has any work

  4. 10:53 sheeple are sheeple. They are mind controlled minions who wouldn't know an independent thought if it hit them like a train.

  5. 10 53 and 1109
    i agree
    i beleive
    that just buy theres votes you can see how bad its going to get
    i was just on a union job in ny
    out of a hundred people
    3 t0 4 bought gold and silver
    i would think it ludicris not to have food and gold
    but many are happy in there delusion that the world is there oyster and media and american idol are happieness
    so be prepared to see many lose it
    many go insane because i think is normal to see
    the jackel or a tiger and protect myself
    many are ready to pet the kitty
    because thats what they did at the zoo

  6. i would beleive in a hyperinflative depression myself.





    If you have pm's thea author claims "you will go to the front of the line"
    LMAO at that one

    More pie in the sky fairy tale mishmash about how the pm holder will magically become rich beyond all imagination,LOL.

    Look at the pm holders during the Great Depression,lol. Did them NO good whatsoever.

    Dream on dreamer

    I can see it now

    "Come down to XXX mart for fresh produce, PM's accepted only as payment"

    "Here at XXX we accept only PM's and will be happy to give you our best service"

    "Precious metal customers only this line"

    "Hey there Mr Grocer, what will my Morgan buy me today?"


  8. I can only guess that 1:58 has no PM's, so he has to make fun of those who do.

    I guess I could eventually melt down one of my 100 ounce bars of silver and have them poured into say, 5 gram units, one unit will likely buy a lot of groceries in the not to distant future.

  9. king abdulla ham bin salami: We were on the gold standard during the Great Depression - that is why PM's did nothing for wealth. Not trying to be mean; but, since we have not been on the Gold Standard since 1971, your argument is critically flawed.

    A good view to look at is Germany in 1923 when the German Mark was so worthless that it was more productive to burn than buy firewood. Those who had paper assets lost virtually everything while those who had physical assets (gold/silver) retained their wealth.

  10. 1.28 is obviously a total dickhead,he still doesnt get it,what a wanker.

  11. To add to 1:58;

    There won't even be people working at grocery stores. Gold is worthless, if the dollar crashes (which it seems like it will) then who will be working? Being paid with what? So what is gold going to do? The only way gold will help is if you have a private jet and can get the hell out of the country and use it in the country you land in.

    And 10:49, why the hell will it not happen until 2012?

  12. At least 3:21 is another voice of reason amongst all those that scream "PM's WILL SAVE YOU ALL AND MAKE YOU FILTHY RICH WITH WOMEN FALLING AT YOUR FEET"

    pm's same as asswipe fiat

  13. I've been seeing the weak link in PM ownership myself. I had an account with Bullionvault but something came up and I needed the cash, but it took about a moth (and some phone calls) to get my deposit out. Physical PM's might not be so great if the general public does not recognize them as money, like commodities traders do. Food, trustworthy friends, water, bullets, land, etc. might be the better investment if the social fabric tears completely apart..... I really hope it doesn't come to that, although history is full of sudden regressions to barbarism when the money and / or the morals fail.....

  14. Then I guess following the logic stated that PMs are worthless deduce that someone would not exchange a hand full of bullets for food, or some homemade alcohol for seeds, or vice versa. The idea of an economy, even a collapsed one goes straight into black market exchanges where items of believed value (like the paper fiat currency everyone above have in their pockets) are exchanged for other items - BARTER. If PMs are believed valuable they will have exchange value. The naysayers are myopic on this point. After collapse, whatever system the govn't setups will have controls and shortcomings intentionally embedded into it. And people, as they have under every other condition find ways and items to exchange for goods and services - I doubt PMs will not be in that new economic exchange system, whether govn't/elite wants it or not.
    I invest in PMs for this and also in seeds, off-grid technology, water filters and my natural right of defense and preservation of life. ALL OTHERS HAVE TO COME TO THEIR OWN DECISIONS - HENCE LIBERTY

  15. You anti-PM people (or is it just one poor man
    writing over and over) are more ignorant than
    the general public. You know enough to talk
    about the subject and STILL get it azzbackwards.

    I can document the purchase of a B&B on 150 acres
    near the 1932 olympics that was paid with a gold
    coin collection. In a DEFLATIONARY depression.
    During the time of confiscation. HINT: only recent BULLION coins were confiscated, not
    vintage or silver. What a dope. Go read some
    books and at least attempt intelligence.

  16. LOL! EA Rocks!!!

    That is the best PIC I have ever seen as the lead in to a story. A skeleton chillin' out.

  17. 6:17- That is a picture of the famous Mermaid in Denmark (in skeleton form)

  18. I think having some PMs for the coming times is a good idea. I wouldn't rely upon them fully as food, water and self defense are all more important but some here are underestimating the greed of man. Man will still love all those glittering metals, it's in his nature he can't stop it.

    I'm willing to be there will be an underground barter system and PMs will be valid currency. Maybe not for everyone but some people will always see the value in gold and silver.

    There's a reason the elites don't horde paper, they know it's inherently worthless. They buy property and other tangible goods. I bet their reserves are kept in PMs.

  19. thou shalt not kill
    thou shalt murder
    thou shalt cannibalize
    for food
    for survival

  20. It will be interesting to see if any economic surprises occur before the Easter break.
    So the stock and bond markets can be manipulated.
    Last Christmas break bought an unlimited bail out for Fannie and Freddie for the taxpayers.
    So perhaps we can expect the “unexpected” before Easter ?
    What will the Easter bunny bring?

  21. Marx writing on the power of money and gold quotes Shakespear who he says
    understood the power of money . “Money is the procurer between man’s need and the object, between his life and his means of life. But that which mediates my life for me, also mediates the existence of other people for me. For me it is the other person.” Money is the procurer between man’s need and the object, between his life and his means of life. But that which mediates my life for me, also mediates the existence of other people for me. For me it is the other person.
    “What, man! confound it, hands and feet
    And head and backside, all are yours!
    And what we take while life is sweet,
    Is that to be declared not ours?
    “Six stallions, say, I can afford,
    Is not their strength my property?
    I tear along, a sporting lord,
    As if their legs belonged to me.”
    Goethe: Faust (Mephistopheles)

    Shakespeare in Timon of Athens:
    “Gold? Yellow, glittering, precious gold?
    No, Gods, I am no idle votarist! ...
    Thus much of this will make
    black white, foul fair,Wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant.
    ... Why, this
    Will lug your priests and servants from your sides,
    Pluck stout men’s pillows from below their heads:
    This yellow slave
    Will knit and break religions, bless the accursed;
    Make the hoar leprosy adored, place thieves
    And give them title, knee and approbation
    With senators on the bench: This is it
    That makes the wappen’d widow wed again;
    She, whom the spital-house and ulcerous sores
    Would cast the gorge at, this embalms and spices
    To the April day again.
    Come, damned earth,Thou common whore of mankind, that put’st odds Among the rout of nations.”
    From "The power of money."

  22. Golden Lady
    Golden Lady
    I want to go there
    - Stevie Wonder

  23. The “American dream” of getting rich on
    third world credit has morphed into real American nightmare.
    Except for the rich and their bankster lackeys who are still doing just fine from the proceeds of free trade with the cheap labor Third world and best of all from their bank robbery coup at the Treasury that proceeded first under the Bush 2 Monarch and now the Obama Monarch.


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